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Group Mentoring

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Group Mentoring

Alumni / young professionals are invited to share with our students their views about their industries and their advice for fresh graduates and graduating students. 

Video / article of a mentor will be released on every Wednesday.  Students who want to get more information from a mentor can show your interest in the enrollment form below the video / article.  When 3 students (the number will be adjusted depending on a mentor's preference) have enrolled, a Zoom meeting will be organized so that you can e-meet with each other in a small group.

All materials on this website are for HKBU students only.  No materials may be copied, modified, published, broadcast or distributed without the prior written permission of Career Centre.  





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Interested to join the group mentoring session with Mr. Rui-Zhe Chung

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Interested to join the group mentoring session with Ms. Vick Yeung

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