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Recruitment Talk

Enquiries: Miss Vicky Lo, Career Development Officer
Tel No.:+852 3411 5790

Interested in hosting a recruitment event at BU campus?

There are a variety of resources available to help you promote your jobs on campus. Our team looks forward to working with you on your recruitment. 

The first step is to submit your company profile & job details to us through email. Our officer will provide feasible ways to complement your campus recruiting strategy.

How to request to host a Recruitment Talk? 

On-campus recruitment talks are held by corporations so as to familiarize students with the procedures in job application, recruitment process, company and job information.

We require at least 10 business days to support the booking logistics for a recruitment talk, to ensure venue and audio-visual support, and to maximize exposure through our promotional channels.

step 1: send job details

  • Please send the company profile and job information to If you require additional information,  please connect with Miss Vicky Lo at 3411 5790.
  • Only employers hiring directly into their organization are served. Third-party recruiters/ employer-representative are excluded. 
  • The request email is expected to be sent by company's central human resources department.

step 2: confirm a date

  • You'll be contacted by our team after your email, to discuss your preferences and booking availability
  • Feasible period for conducting a recruitment talk is Sep & Oct (1st semester), Jan & Mar (2nd semester)
  • Session time: 2:00-4:00pm or 4:00-6:00pm (the first half hour will be reserved for set-up)
  • Each company can request a recruitment talk once in an academic year.
  • Please keep in mind that we do not host concurrent sessions that target the same students at the same time

step 3: confirm logistics

  • We assist you with all booking logistics (venue coordination, A/V booking, car parking, promotion). 
  • Information of speakers and various arrangements have to be confirmed before the recruitment talk is conducted. 
  • Haven't posted your jobs in BUCME yet?  Please visit and register there to ensure the students know how to apply.

step 4: conduct the talk

  • Recruitment talk is one hour in length, usually beginning with a presentation, followed by a networking & mingling session, or just purely networking.
  • The number one thing students want to gain from recruitment talk are opportunities for professional experience and networking with employers
  • Considernig the efficiency of manpower, if the number of pre-enrolled students is lower than 20, talk will be cancelled.
  • Employers can promote the job in other suggested channels. 

why not go live?

We have been communicating with students on Facebook for several years and the results are awesome! The infromation can be delivered by company in various formats, such as live video, pre-taped video, short description with graphics. We recorded over thousands of views. It is another way to interact closely with our students.  Highly recommended!

Career Fair

Upcoming Career Fair: March 2020 (TBC)
If you are interetsed, please complete the online form at Shortlisted companies will receive invitation in Dec 2019. 
You are welomce to visit the page of our previous Career Fairs at the below links:

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