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Start-up Competitions & Opportunities

Through our Start-up Competitions, we offer students the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas, compete with peers, and receive valuable feedback from industry experts and mentors. These competitions serve as a launchpad for students to transform their ideas into viable business ventures. With a focus on fostering creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, our competitions provide a fertile ground for students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and skills.

In addition to the competitions, we offer a range of support services and resources to help students navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. Our dedicated team provides mentorship, guidance, and workshops on various aspects of entrepreneurship. We aim to equip students with the knowledge, tools, and networks necessary to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.


Win HK$30,000 seed fund to kick-start your business plan!


About the Programme

Theme: Smart Cities and Sustainability  (Incorporating Green | Healthcare | Elderly Care | Art-Tech)
主題: 智慧城市及可持續發展 (融合綠色 | 醫療保健 | 長者照護 | 藝術科技)

Start-up Saturday offers a great opportunity for students to explore the journey to entrepreneurship by providing start-up consultation, seed fund, mentoring and many more start-up incubation opportunities.

Applicant teams will be invited to attend the final presentation. Winning teams will not only be entitled to the seed fund but also gain opportunities to be admitted to external incubation programmes and various funding schemes!



What can you get in the Start-up Saturday?

Seed Fund

Up to HKD 30,000 Seed Fund will be offered to each winning project.

Free Start-up Consultation

To better equip students with entrepreneurial mindsets and practical start-up knowledge, free start-up consultation will be offered to students who wish to kick-start their business idea.



Each winning team will be matched up with a business mentor and can get professional guidance and advice on developing their business venture.


Incubation Opportunities

Winning teams will be nominated to various incubation programmes outside of HKBU, such as the HKSTP Ideation Programme, Cyberport Creative Micro-fund, etc., which provide holistic support to the start-up teams.


How to Apply? 報名方法

 .Application should be submitted as a team, with at least 2 team members.

.Each team must have at least 1 HKBU student. He/she must be the Person-in-Charge in the team.

.All HKBU team members must attend at least one training course from Entrepreneurial Learning Series

.Complete the online application form HERE with below supporting documents*
   - Team List 團隊名單
   - Business Plan - Theme: Smart Cities and Sustainability (In PPT format: no more than 12 slides) 創業計劃 - 智慧城市及可持續發展為主題 (簡報形式: 不多於12頁)

*Please download all the templates HERE

Deadline 截止報名日期:  19 November 2023
報名連結:Please click HERE


Prizes 獎品

Winning teams will be entitled to a cash prize of up to HKD30,000.
*Subject to the judging panel's final decision.


Final Presentation 決賽 (25/11/2023)

.Eligible teams will be invited to attend the final presentation on 25 November 2023. Teams can choose their own language (English/ Cantonese/ Putonghua) to present.
成功參賽隊伍將獲邀請出席2023年11月25日的決賽,隊伍可自行選擇語言(英語/ 廣東話/ 普通話)介紹你的創業計劃

.Each team will be given 5 minutes to present, followed by a 3 minutes Q&A session.