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Student Helper Weekly Hours Operating System

Access to WHOS

Student Helper Weekly Working Hours Operating System (WHOS)

is introduced to monitor the working hours of students and provide prompt advice of balancing work and study.  The system only applies for the work assignment which takes place during the academic year.  That is, the summer period from June to August is excluded.

System Usage:

1. Before accepting any student helper job offer, login and check the balance of working hours.

2. Input the information of the job.

3. Print the Work Permit and submit it to the staff of user department as proof of eligibility to work on campus.

4. If the actual working hours are less than the inputted hours, you should complete the form “Amendment of Working Hours” duly authorized by the user department and submit it to the Career Centre for immediate clearance and record verification within 3 working days.

5. All full-time undergraduates and taught postgraduates (local and non local) would be eligible to undertake part-time work on campus for not more than 12 hours per week (Sunday to Saturday). In case of special need circumstances, the students can appeal to the Head of Career Centre and seek for his approval by submitting the ‘Extension of Working Hours’ form.