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Job Search Skills Workshop

Enquiries: Miss Penny Lo, Assistant Career Development Manager
Tel No.:+852 3411 5278




  • To help students plan their careers with scientific approach;
  • To assist students to know and understand themselves;
  • To equip students with job-search skills, e.g. writing skills of application letters, resumes and interviewing skills;
  • To equip students with transferable skills, e.g. interpersonal skills, social manner, management skills, professional image and code of conduct; and
  • To develop students’ transforming attitude from the academic world to a working world.

Workshops / Practice on a simulated situation:

  • Manage your career as a project
  • Know and understand yourself
  • Write professional application letters and resumes
  • Interview skills
  • Written employment tests
  • Executive image
  • The first day at work
  • Mock interviews