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Cover Letter

Cover Letter


What is cover letter?

A cover letter is like a sales letter. It should answer the employer’s needs and requirements. That is to say, it is very employer-centered.

Before you begin your cover letter, make sure that you have done a sufficient research on the employer and the company, and read through all the requirements posted on the advertisement.

What should be included in a cover letter?

  • Your address
  • Date
  • Recipient’s Information (Including name, title, company name and address)
    - Make sure the recipient’s name, title and address are correctly spelled.
  • Quote reference number if any
  • Salutation
    - Address the recipients with names instead of “Sir / Madame”.
  • Opening paragraph – Which posts are you applying for? From what sources did you know about the job?
  • Second Paragraph – Why are you interested in the post?
  • Third Paragraph – Your strengths, achievements and experiences. Provide evidence. Do not copy directly from the resume, choose the best three that are relevant to the post.
  • Closing Paragraph – Request an opportunity for interview. Do remember to include your contact no.
  • Use a new paragraph to write “Thank you for your kind consideration.”

Styles and Formats

  • Minimize the uses of personal pronoun like “I”,”we” and “my” for it sounds too self-centered.
  • Demonstrate your keen interest, and sell yourself without being aggressive or over-confident.
  • Highlight your achievements with supported facts.
  • Be concise about your points. Let the employer know that you are a focused person.
  • Be consistent about the font and font size.
  • Be business-like. Avoid using informal or too old-fashioned tone.
  • Arrange the letter in a readable manner, with adequate margins and spacing.
  • Customize your cover letter to match the employer, never send standardized letters to all employers.
  • 1 page maximum
  • Use good quality A4 paper which matches your resume.
  • The most common type of resume is “FULL BLOCK” format, in which all lines of the letter start from the left.
  • Send out your finished cover letter as soon as possible, for some of the employers might start recruiting before the application deadline.
  • Remember to sign your letter.