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Government Summer Job

Government Summer Job


Eligibility for applying Government Summer Job:

For current full-time *undergraduate students at HKBU who are local and non-final year, and hold a permanent HKID card.
(*Mainly for undergraduate students, few job opportunities for Associate Degree & Higher Diploma students)
For inquires:


How can I find Government Summer Job for HKBU students?

1. Please login to BUhub platform:
BUhub student login image
(* If you encounter any login issues, please contact ITO for further assistant.)

2. After login to BUhub platform, please click "Job" page, and select "Government Summer Job".
(The application methods may differ from one and other, please click and read the job details first and apply according to the link(s) given, please do NOT click APPLY button directly.)
BUhub Job page