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HKBU Content Creator x e-Commerce Challenge

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活動已完滿結束, 按此閱讀e-newsletter。
The challenge was successfully concluded, please HERE to read the e-newsletter.




Do you want to open an online shop but have not taken any action yet? Team up for this challenge and pitch your business plan to win a cash prize and a free online shop platform account! It is time to step further and actualize your online shop’s dream!

The HKBU Content Creator x e-Commerce Challenge aims to nurture students with essential entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in e-commerce and provide an opportunity for students who love content creation and video production to excel in their creativity into real practice.

The Challenge will bring together the Content Creator and the Shop Owner. After a series of practical training and team formation, teams will have to present their online business idea and pitch for the cash prize and a FREE online shop account to actualise your online business!

A) 誰可參加? Who can participate

We are looking for HKBU talents who wish to be -

Content Creator

Shop Owner

  • 喜歡製作短片
    Love making short movies
  • 愛講故事
    Love storytelling
  • 具良好的市場銷售概念
    Good marketing sense
  • 已有現成產品(自家製作/ 設計產品優先考慮)
    With products that are ready to sell (preferably self-made/designed products)  
  • 已有可作推銷的產品雛型/ 營商計劃
    With a prototype/ business idea that is ready to pitch


B) 創業技巧工作坊&交流活動 Entrepreneurship Skills Training & Networking Session

一系列的培訓和活動讓你裝備自己走向成功的道路!You are cordially invited to attend a series of entrepreneurship skills training and activities that can guide you to a successful pathway !

所有培訓已完滿結束 All Training sessions are completed successfully —
與媒體創作者對話 Dialogue with Content Creator
網店營運攻略及實戰分享 How to operate an Online business?
創業有數計 Essential Accounting Concepts for Start-ups

C) 組隊報名網店挑戰! Form a team and apply for the e-Commerce Challenge!

網店挑戰報名資格e-Commerce Challenge Application Criteria:
  • 建議每隊由一位媒體創作者和一位店主組成 Suggest each team consist of a Content Creator and a Shop Owner
  • 店主必須是浸大學生 Shop Owner must be a HKBU student
  • 每隊成員人數為1至4名 1 to 4 member(s) per each team
  • 每隊須提交一段1分鐘的店鋪產品宣傳短片 Each team must ready a 1-min marketing video for the shop's product for online submission

Online Application Form, please click HERE

截止報名日期Deadline:26/03/2023 23:59

D) 決賽 Final Presentation

成功參賽隊伍將獲邀請出席2023年4月1日的決賽,隊伍可自行選擇語言(英語/ 廣東話/ 普通話)介紹你的網店。
Successful applied teams will be invited to attend the final presentation on 1 April 2023. Teams can choose their own language (English/ Cantonese/ Putonghua) to present.

Each team will be given 5 minutes to present and follow by a 3 minutes Q&A session.

評分準則 Assessment Criteria
  1. 商業可行性 Business Viability (25%)
  2. 產品/ 服務獨特性 Product / Service Uniqueness (25%)
  3. 營銷策略 Marketing Strategy (25%)
  4. 整體演講表現 Overall Presentation (25%)
獎項 Award


.現金獎 HKD 10,000
 Cash Prize HKD 10,000

 Free 1-year Octopus online shop solution offered by BOUTIR*

1st Runner-up

.現金獎 HKD 5,000
 Cash Prize HKD 5,000

 Free 1-year Essential online shop solution offered by BOUTIR*

2nd Runner-up

.現金獎 HKD 3,000
 Cash Prize HKD 3,000

 Free 6-month Essential online shop solution offered by BOUTIR*

Honourable Mentioned 

現金獎 HKD 1,000
Cash Prize HKD 1,000

*視乎團隊項目進度及掌舖持有最终决定權Subject to readiness of the project and Boutir’s final decision


Ms Becky Poon (T: 3411 5385 / E-mail: