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STEM Internship Scheme - Notes to Participating Employers

Job posting

If you are interested in joining the STEM Internship Scheme, please read the attached instruction


With the support from the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), the Career Centre (CC) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) will continue to host the HKBU STEM Internship Scheme for STEM students.  The scheme aims to encourage STEM students to gain innovation and technology (I&T), film, data & media, creative and health-related work experience and to foster their interest in pursuing a career. 

Requirements / Details of the Internship

  • Companies providing internships that contain I&T, film, data & media, creative and health-related elements are welcome to support the scheme.
  • The internship period must be at least one month.  However, priority will be given to companies who can offer a vacancy for three consecutive months or more. 
  • Both local & non-local students of selected programmes are eligible to join the scheme. Local students are defined as the holders of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card. Non‒local students are students not classified as local students and should be subject to the conditions of stay of the visa/entry permit issued to them by the Immigration Department. 
  • With the support of ITF, a monthly subsidy of $11,190 capped at three months per student (i.e. $33,570) will be reimbursed to the participating employer after the internship.
  • Each participating student may receive the allowance under the scheme for more than one internship place in the same academic year (September 2023 – August 2024, for a maximum of 3 months), provided that the employers are not the same and the internship periods do not overlap.  
  • The internship cannot be used to meet the compulsory requirement for graduation of a degree programme. If students wish to participate in the scheme while meeting the mandatory requirement simultaneously, they should consult with their School/Faculty.

To join the Scheme

  • To join BUhub (User Guide) and post your vacancies! 
  • HKBU CC will review the job details and inform respective employers whether or not the job submitted can be included in the scheme within 1 working day. 
  • To secure the funding from ITF, before giving an offer to an HKBU candidate, the employer must inform HKBU CC who will double-check if the successful candidate is eligible to be included in the scheme.  The employer will be notified of the result within 1 working day. 
  • Please send an email with the following information to Miss Janice Chong at to check the students' eligibility:

  1. Student ID:
  2. Student name:
  3. Major of study:
  4. Internship position:
  5. Job duties:
  6. Internship period:
  7. No Objection Letter (for non-local students):
  8. Drafted contract:
  • After the notification of HKBU CC, the employer can contact the eligible candidate and then sign an employment contract with him/her.  The employer is required to submit the signed contract to HKBU CC within 3 working days.  The quota will be released to another successful candidate if the signed contract is not received by HKBU CC on time.
  • All the required information and documents should be submitted to CC at least 5 working days prior to the start date  of the internship. Please note that HKBU reserves the right to decline reimbursement requests from companies that do not comply with this guideline.

After the Internship / Reimbursement Arrangement

  • After the completion of the internship, the participating employer has to submit an internship report and provide copies of payment supporting documents to HKBU CC.
  • Once the above documents are confirmed and approved, HKBU CC will reimburse an employer the full amount of subsidy, according to the actual period of internship, $11,190 per month with a maximum of $33,570 per student if the student has been employed for three months. **

**​-Under the scheme, the subsidy is HK$373 per day (i.e. $11,190 / 30 days);

-The maximum duration of the subsidized period is 90 days;

-The maximum subsidy for each student is $33,570 (i.e. 90 days); and

-The first and the last days of the internship should be working days.  In case Saturday and/or Sunday are regarded as working day in the employment contract, they can be included in the subsidy calculation. 

Important Notes

  • If a student does not complete the entire agreed employment period as stipulated in the contract, the employer has to provide the pro-rated pay to the student based on the actual working period.  HKBU CC will reimburse the subsidy to the employer based on the actual working period provided that the actual working period is no less than four weeks.  If the actual working period is less than four weeks, no subsidy will be reimbursed to the employer, no matter the early termination was initiated by the HKBU student or the employer. 
  • Participating employers have to provide employment insurance and MPF to students during the employment period.
  • HKBU CC will evaluate the employer’s company size, learning values of the internship, etc. to determine the quota for each employer.  HKBU holds sole discretion in this decision.
  • Remote working is not allowed under the Scheme.

Enquiry: Miss Janice Chong (tel: 3411 2615, email: