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Common Recruitment Examination (CRE)

Common Recruitment Examination(CRE) Information


The CRE and BLT in Hong Kong

The Civil Service Bureau announced that the next round of Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test (Degree / Professional Grades) (CRE and BLT) will be held on 6 and 13 June 2020. Candidates (who applied for the examinations in April) will be arranged to sit the examination on one of the above examination dates mainly according to their choice of examination papers.

An e-mail will be sent to candidates between 21 and 26 May 2020 notifying them of the relevant examination details.  Candidates should immediately contact the Civil Service Examinations Unit (CSEU) by phone at 2537 6429 or by e-mail to if they do not receive the e-mail by 27 May 2020.  Any requests for change of examination date / venue will not be considered.  Examination results will be issued to candidates by post within one month after the examination.

In the light of the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19, the CSEU may make new arrangements on the examination if the situation warrants and announce them on the webpage of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) at  Candidates should visit the said webpage regularly for the latest information.

General enquiries regarding the CRE and BLT may be directed to the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) of the HKSAR government by phone at 2537 6429 or by e-mail to  

Year-end CRE and BLT

Please also note that another round of the CRE and BLT will be held tentatively in late 2020.  For the convenience of those studying or residing outside Hong Kong, this round of examination will also be held in some non-local cities.  The examination is tentatively scheduled for 10 and 17 October 2020 in Hong Kong, and 5 December 2020 in non-local cities.  More updated details will be announced by the CSB in later this year.

Mock practices for CRE & BLT
Preparatory workshops on CRE & BLT
In order to help students to familiarize with the CRE/BLT format, Career Centre have organized a series of training workshops in late May and early June. The schedule have been uploaded onto the Centre’s website (online enrollment:, please click ‘workshop’ page)

Enquiries about CRE/BLT
For enquiries related with preparations and trainings, please contact Career Centre via email at or hotline at 3411-7440.

Preparation for CRE/BLT

In order to help you to familiarize with the CRE/BLT format, Career Centre will organize a series of mock practice sessions and workshops in September. The schedule will be uploaded onto our website in early September. Interested students please register at our enrollment system ( You may also visit the CSB website for more information. (

Acceptance of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSEE) results as equivalent to the results of the CRE

According to the announcement from the Civil Services Bureau, please kindly note the following arrangements for accepting the results of HKDSEE as equivalent to the results of the CRE recently promulgated:

(a) ‘Level 5 or above’ and ‘Level 4′ in Chinese Language in HKDSEE are accepted as equivalent to ‘Level 2′ and ‘Level 1′ respectively in the Use of Chinese paper in CRE; and

(b) ‘Level 5 or above’ and ‘Level 4′ in English Language in HKDSEE are accepted as equivalent to ‘Level 2′ and ‘Level 1′ respectively in the Use of English paper in CRE.

Some Useful Tips

Use of Chinese:

  • Most of the questions are related to current affairs, reading newspapers will definitely be beneficial.
  • Do more practices on Erroneous character (錯別字).

Use of English:

  • While working on the comprehension, you should

- Read the questions first, and then the passage. By doing so, you can actively search the information you need, and save you lots of time.- Never confirm your answer until you finish the whole passage.- Highlight important points when you scan the passage.- Try to understand the structure of the passage. Normally, the topic sentence (first sentence of each paragraph) summarizes the paragraph.

  • While working on the Error Identification, you should read the sentence carefully; eliminate error of grammar or usage. Never choose an answer that will change the original meaning of the sentence.
  • Paragraph improvement tests your knowledge about paragraph cohesion, rather than merely grammatical errors. Common questions involve:

- Redundancy- Lack of details- Ambiguity- Choppy sentences

Aptitude Test:

  • Pace yourself. Don’t waste too much time on a single question.
  • Read all the answer choices before confirming your answer.
  • Whatever questions you are doing, try to eliminate as many as possible.
  • As there are different sections in the Aptitude Test, try to finish the ones which you are strong at first, and leave the difficult ones to finish at the end.
  • Make a guess rather than leaving it blank when you deal with difficult questions.
  • Sometimes you are only asked to give an approximate answer, therefore, do not waste time to figure out the exact answer.
  • Keep track on the units, round off numbers when necessary.
  • Don’t’ make any assumption when dealing with verbal reasoning; assume what the passage says as universal truth. Concentrate on the structure of the statement instead.

Basic Law Test

The Basic Law Test (BLT) is a 20-minute bilingual paper comprising 15 multiple-choice questions. The paper assesses candidates’ Basic Law knowledge. There is no passing mark for the BLT and the full mark of the paper is 100. All candidates applying for civil service jobs advertised from 1 September 2008 onwards will be assessed on their Basic Law knowledge. For more details, please visit the CSB website at (

Please pay attention to the announcements from website of CSB regularly for latest information. General enquiries regarding the CRE and / or BLT may be directed to the Civil Service Examination Unit by phone at (852) 2537 6429 or by e-mail to