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Student Helper E-Recruitment System (SHE)

Enquiries: Miss Yvonne HO, Assistant Career Development Officer
Tel. No.: +852 3411 5385


The Student Helper E-Recruitment System (SHE) serves as a centralized platform designed for all the HKBU academic and non-academic departments (recruiting units) to advertise their job openings to recruit student helpers. Through this system, HKBU students will easily access to on-campus recruitment-related information and submit job application wherever they have access to Internet.



1. To broaden students’ vision about the world of work;

2. To strengthen students’ career-related and transferrable skills required by future employers;

3. To provide additional workforce and support to departments and individuals in the University;

4. To create supportive work atmosphere for HKBU staff and students to develop sense of belonging towards the University; and

5. To facilitate a user-friendly and open recruitment system for HKBU recruiting units and students.


All academic departments and non-academic offices in HKBU are encouraged to recruit students through SHE managed by the Career Center.


Hiring process

SHE is open all year around for on-campus recruitment. Interested staff is required to submit a recruitment advertisement online.


Job matching process

  1. To simplify the recruitment process, the Career Center will be responsible for compiling a list of selected candidates and forwarding their resumes (if necessary) to the respective recruiting units.
  2. Recruiting units have full autonomy in the selection of helpers.
  3. After selection, the recruiting units shall fill in an online confirmation form to notify the Career Center within 1 week.


Important notes for recruiting units

  1. Participating recruiting units are expected to provide supervision to our students. Ongoing feedbacks are encouraged so that the students can make improvement continuously.
  2. A formal employer-employee relationship is established when the student helpers are appointed.
  3. According to the Personnel Office’s guidelines on student helpers, the hourly pay rates for student helpers should be set at a fixed pay range HK$48-$66 with effect from 1 January 2016. For more details, please refer to “Guidelines on the Recruitment of Part-time Hourly-rated Helpers” posted by the Personnel Office.
  4. A student helper will be enrolled in the University’s Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, unless he/she is an exempt person as stipulated in the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance.



All full-time HKBU undergraduates, postgraduates and associate degree students


Job Application & Selection Process

  1. For SHE job vacancies, please login in to BUCME
  2. All eligible students may apply for SHE jobs through BUCME.
  3. Shortlisted candidates may need to attend interviews organized by the recruiting units.
  4. Final decision would be made by the recruiting units.


Student Helper Weekly Working Hours Operating System (WHOS)

  1. Before accepting any student helper job offer, students should login and check the balance of working hours in the Student Helper Weekly Working Hours Operating System (WHOS) of the Career Center’s homepage.
  2. All full-time undergraduates (local and non-local) would be eligible to undertake part-time work on campus for not more than 12 hours per week (Sunday to Saturday). In case of special need circumstances, students can appeal to the Head of the Career Centre and seek for his approval by submitting the ‘Extension of Working Hours’ form.


Important Notes for Applicants

  1. A student helper will be enrolled in the University’s Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, unless he/she is an exempt person as stipulated in the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance.
  2. Appointed students will report duty directly to the recruiting units and must be aware of those work rules and regulations given by your supervisors and the University. Students are expected to carry out your duties in a responsible manner, during the course of the employment. Any confidential information concerning the University should not be disclosed to others parties. Should a student perform undesirably and/or display any misconduct, the appointment may be terminated without prior notice.
  3. For resignation, students should provide advance notice to your supervisor.
  4. The University reserves the right to alter any of the terms and conditions of appointment.