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It is a win-win situation for both participating companies / corporations and our students if our highly motivated students can be an additional workforce, in a cost effective manner, to the participating companies who at the same time, performing their social responsibility in nurturing the young generation.  Students, undoubtedly, will gain exponentially about different business practices through hands-on experience in their targeted career destinations.


  • To broaden students’ vision about the world of work;
  • To provide students with practical applications in their major fields and related disciplines and explore their career aspirations;
  • To strengthen students’ life and transferable skills such as self-confidence, sense of co-operation, and problem solving ability, that prepare them for potential career opportunities; and
  • To enhance students’ language and communications skills.

Your benefits

  • Our highly motivated students can be an additional workforce, in a cost-effective manner.
  • Our students are all energetic, committed, hard-working and self-motiviated.  They have all-rounded skills and postive work attitude.

Your responsibilities

  • Participating companies are expected to provide training and guidance to our students, preferably be related to their major of study (not a must).
  • The tasks taken by the students should be educational and training in nature.
  • A supervisor is expected to be assigned to supervise and provide guidance to our students.  Ongoing feedbacks are encouraged so that the students can make improvement continuously.
  • Participating companies are expected to pay monthly remunerationthat complies with the requirements of the Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO)(CAP. 608). Please refer to Statutory Minimum Wage for more details.

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  • Money or salary is not our main focus. What we value is the learning opportunities provided by our participating companies. But all participating companies are expected to pay monthly remuneration (minimum wage policy) to cover your meal and transportation expenses.

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