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The Way To Success Workshops and Mentorship Programme (TWTS)

Programme Coordinator:

Ms Angelina Chan, Career Development Manager
Tel No.:+852 3411 5277



The Way To Success (TWTS) teaches students how to be successful leaders and focuses on students’ holistic development. Seasoned business executives and experts in international education collaborate to build the TWTS curriculum and teach TWTS courses, resulting in a program rich in practical experience, real-world professional skills and mentorship opportunities.

The programme introduces students to the concepts of servanthood, integrity and soft skills leadership in both theory and practice. The curriculum focuses on the identification and integration of soft skills and how these can be utilized to impact the student personally and their spheres of influence.The senior professionals would share their successful story and inspire students in different ways.  Students are therefore expected to prepare themselves better to achieve their personal and career goals. 


The objectives of TWTS are:

  • to equip students with better skills for achieving their personal goals;
  • to enhance their soft skills for their future career development; and   
  • to inspire students’ personal and career aspiration from their lecturers/ mentors.

Programme Structure

The programme includes seven modules delivered by a group of experienced professionals as lecturers / mentors. It also involves intensive group discussion, interactive activities and mentoring. Six of the modules will be held on Tuesday night and a career development forum will be held on Saturday afternoon.



Key Message

The Way to Success
(10 Oct 2023, 6:30pm – 8:30pm)

  • Build connection with team members and mentors
  • Identify the meaning of personal success
  • Learn key elements for a successful life: value, vision and purpose
  • Course objectives and requirements
  • Understand importance of life purpose, vision, value and leadership
  • Understand importance of being a servant leader of integrity

Trust and integrity
(17 Oct 2023, 6:30pm – 8:30pm)

  • Understand the importance of trust and integrity and how they relate to life success
  • Understand the basis of relationship building is trust 
  • Building trust requires making a commitment to living a life of integrity
  • Importance of trust and integrity in personal and professional worlds

Life Management
(24 Oct 2023, 6:30pm – 8:30pm)


  • Understand the importance of prioritizing and learn skills of time management
  • Manage time based on your true values and purposes
  • Identifying life priorities
  • How to increase efficiency in time management

Career Development
(28 Oct 2023, Sat. 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 P.M.)

  • Understand the demand for talents in the marketplace
  • Understand how to develop a career plan
  • Understand the demand for talent in the global markets
  • Understand ourselves and learn the key components of a career plan

Servant Leadership
(31 Oct 2023, 6:30pm – 8:30pm)

  • Understand and learn to practice servant leadership by understanding others’ needs and positively influencing the society
  • Understand servant leadership and its significance
  • Learn principles of servant leadership
  • Learn to exhibit servant leadership in our lives

Failing Forward (7 Nov 2023, 6:30pm – 8:30pm)

  • Build up ability to face adversity
  • Develop the necessary ability required to overcome adversity
  • Learn how to maintain positive foundational values and the ethos of servant leadership when coping with adversity.

EQ and Relationship
(14 Nov 2023, 6:30pm – 8:30pm)

  • Understand the principles of EQ and relationship development
  • Establish healthy and genuine relationship with people
  • Develop your emotional intelligence for the benefits of yourself and others
  • Connect with people through love languages
  • Nurture life-long relationships


TWTS Speakers and Mentors 2023

TWTS Mentor list

The Way To Success course draws from a network of high qualified professionals. They do not only teach how to build a successful life, but model it. Academically trained and seasoned with real-world experience, our team of trainers bring a unique experience for students who will be inspired to think beyond themselves, cultivate empathy for others and develop an awareness of the needs of their greater community.

In TWTS 2023, the speakers and mentors include: 


Christine Liu, BSc Management Sciences (Manchester) 

  • Learning consultant in leadership and talent development Learning Coach Leadership in International Management (LIM)
  • General Manager, SCLearning (a learning subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank)
  • Corporate & Institutional Banking Commercial banking in HK, New York and Shanghai (HSBC) 


Chesney Wong, DBA (Newcastle), MBA (Wales), EMBA (Tsinghua) and B.Eng in Computer Science (HKUST) 

  • VP of Digital Solutions (Football Marketing Asia)  
  • GM of AI Product & Solutions (Wisers Information Limited) 


David Yang, MBA-Marketing (Connecticut); BBA (State University of New York) 

  • Founder (Green Earth Power Company Ltd); Holder of US Patent and China Patent; Former President (AT&T Multi-media Group and Absolute Swine Insemination Company-USA) 


Julia Lee, University of Toronto (Bachelor of Arts - BA, Economics), City University of Hong Kong (EMBA, Distinction)

  • Managing Director Head, WMPS and Managed Investment (Retail) HK at Standard Chartered Bank
  • Managing Director, Head of Private Wealth and Bank Distribution Hong Kong at Black Rock Asset Management North Asia)


K.O. Yap , FCA (Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) BSc (London School of Economics) 

  • Board Director of CEO Global Education Foundation, Light of Hope Asia Foundation, World Vision China, and 
  • Partner at Hexa Asset Management 
  • Previously, Investment banker: EVP & Head of Corporate Finance, Daiwa Securities (Asia ex Japan). 


Kevin Wilkey, JD/MA (Harvard University) BA (Dartmouth College)

  • Head of Legal Asia at MetLife
  • Former Regional General Counsel for UBS
  • Deputy General Counsel UK for Deutsche Bank


P.S. Fung, B. A. (A.S.) (HKU), B. Arch. (HKU), MSc. (Conservation) (HKU) HKIA, Registered Architect. Authorized Person (List I)

  • Ex Architect Hong Kong Housing Authority Architectural Design, Project Management, Contract Management, Architectural Conservation and Computer Aided Design in the last 30 years


Peter Ho, MBA (Chicago)  

  • CEO (YMCA)  
  • Country Head & Senior Client Banker (JP Morgan, Hong Kong)  
  • Managing Director (METHANEX China)  
  • CEO (New Island Printing Group) 


Oscar Leung, MFin (Curtin)

  • Founder and CIO of Ample Capital Technology Limited
  • Co-founder and Executive Director of Whitestone Capital Technology
  • Portfolio Manager, Fidelity
  • Managing Director & Senior Investment Manager, Manulife Asset Management


Sheridan Lee, B. A. English HKU, Cert Ed (Eng & Literature) and M. Ed

  • Previously, Principal Assistant Secretary in Education Bureau, portfolio covered school inspection, ETV, principal training and curriculum development, also School Management Committee Chairman of 5 and 8 Govt Primary/ Secondary Schools from 2005-2018
  • School Teacher in Concordia Lutheran School and Diocesan Boys' School



Sylvia Li, B.Comm (University of Toronto)

  • VP Talent Management, Head of HR, Asia Pacific, Bain & Company;
  • Regional Human Resources Director, Asia Pacific, Wills Towers Watson
  • Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Speaker


Trevor Mak, MBA and B. Com, Accounting and Finances, (Alberta - Canada)

  • Board Director (CEO Global)
  • Managing Director (Citi Bank & Julius Baer)
  • Corporate Banking and Private Banking (Standard Chartered Bank and Banking Factory - HK and Canada)
  • Associate (Chartered Institutes of Bankers – UK)


Ward Niou, MBA, International Business (U of Alberta); Ambrose University

  • Regional Director, Learning & Development, Richemont SA
  • Previously, Director (Retail Academy, Country SCB Way Champion (Standard Chartered Bank), Assistant Director of Marketing (CEIBS)


Winny Leung, BABS (University of Central Lancashire)

  • AVP, People & Culture (Sun Life Hong Kong Ltd – Wealth and Pensions)
  • VP Business Support – HK (TOP-TOY(HK) Limited) - Leadership; Coaching; Chang Management; Project Management; Performance & Talent Management


and many more.

​CCL Recognized!!!!

  • Eligibility: All HKBU undergraduates, research postgraduates and postgraduates are welcome.
  • Quota: 50 participants
  • Programme Fee: $1,000  $0* 

*You will be required to pay $500 deposit when you register. If you have attended 5 workshops, you will get a refund of $500 (non-UGC-funded undergraduates are not eligible for the refund). 

*Students who withdraw from the programme will not be refunded. 

Payment Instructions

(1)       Transfer the deposit of HK$500 into HKBU’s Hang Seng Bank Account No. 283-338366-014 via either ATM/E-Banking.  

(2)       Request the bank-in slip from the ATM/online transaction receipt from the E-Banking/screen capture for E-Banking. The receipt should show the payer and HKBU account number. Message about transaction completed must be shown. Please keep the bank-in slip in good condition as you might be requested to submit the original to Finance Office.

(3)       Write your Student ID, Full name in English, Mobile no. and “Deposit for Mentorship Programme” on the bank-in slip/online transaction receipt/screen capture.


  • Application

Interested students should submit the online application on or before 2 October 2023. Moreover, please attach your CV and upload your bank in slip for settling the deposit when submitting the online application. Applicants will be invited for a briefing/interview scheduled on 25 September 2023.

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