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OWN Your Future - Hear Stories from Industry Professionals

18 FEB - 09 MAR 2020

Organizer: OWN Academy
[OWN Your Future - Hear Stories from Industry Professionals]

Do you know which career path is best for you? What is your dream job and how could you actually achieve your goals? If you are fascinated, watch the live interview series by OWN Academy, a career life platform that connects young people with quality learning experiences through bridging the classroom and the real world.  

“OWN Your Future” is a show for young people to uncover truths about life and work. Natalie Chan (watch the video created by YouTuber Drew Binsky), founder and CEO of OWN Academy will be the host of the show. Each episode features a guest from a different industry where they will share their career stories, what they actually do and what gets them inspired. Watch the promotional video here

The show will be live broadcasting every Wednesday and Saturday. The first season will include 30 guests from different professional backgrounds and the first episode will begin on February 22, 2020, Saturday at 8 pm, on Facebook and YouTube

Like, follow and subscribe to OWN Academy on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to learn more about the upcoming guests and other updates. If you want to be part of the OWN Your Future community, join their Whatsapp group here