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Invitation to Melco Student Innovation Challenge

20 NOV - 09 DEC 2018

Greeting all students,

Melco Student Hackathon/ innovation challenge is open for application!

Melco - one of the largest entertainment & resort operators in Asia – is keen on hearing your proposal of how to innovate its business in the various areas.

Form/join a team of 2-4 members, and your mission is to come up with a proposal detailing your idea of a new add-on business / technology in one of the 5 verticals (TravelTech, Hospitality, Retail, and Customer Management).

To be considered for receiving mentorship, you will have to submit a PPT deck + mockup/prototype by 9 December 2018 (11:59 PM, GMT+8:00).

You stand to win:

  • Internships, Graduate Jobs, Joint Thesis (depending on your profile)
  • 2-night free stay at one of Melco’s luxury resorts
  • operational implementation of your proposal
  • $5,000 USD… and more

Looking for a team? You might want to:

Interested but busy with exams and assignments?

  • Here please find your toolkit for completing the project and winning all future hackathons in 3 simple steps.

If you are eager to learn and practice new skills in flexible hours, win job opportunities & other cool prizes, sign up today at:

Looking for teammates or have any questions?



馬上與 2-3位朋友一同參與,或在Agorize的平台上與其他Innovators組隊,出謀獻策,為新濠提供的客戶體驗帶來翻天覆地的革新!緊記!你需在12月9日前完成你的挑戰!


  • 實習崗位,畢業職位,或署名論文
  • 新濠旗下的度假村享受2晚全包套餐
  • 將提案付諸實踐的機會
  • $5,000美元以及更多!



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