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Hong Kong Networking Event

22 OCT 2018

Maven securities are hoping to hold a networking event in Hong Kong to promote a Graduate Trader program which we believe would be of interest to some of your final year students.

Below are details of the company and the Graduate Trader program. We are asking those interested in the event to send us their CV's via email with the Subject "Hong Kong networking Event". The event will be held on the 22nd October.


Maven was formed in 2011 and employs some of the most talented traders in the market, executing a diverse range of strategies. It is the most active participant in a number of exchange-traded products, contributing significant liquidity to European markets. The company trades primarily for its own account, but recently launched a hedge fund to offer some of its established strategies to external investors. It also opened a Hong Kong office in May 2016 which is creating new opportunities for traders to work in a different country and expand the business into new markets. The company’s culture is collaborative, informal and highly rewarding of strong performance.


Maven is looking for outstanding recent graduates or students in their final year of study, to commence as traders in Autumn 2019. You will complete an intensive training program run by experienced traders that will include both classroom sessions and time on the trading floor. You will be executing live trades within three months of commencement, or as soon as you demonstrate the necessary ability in training. You will be responsible for the profit and loss of your book and for managing risk, both individually and as part of a team. You will be encouraged to develop new tools to further the company’s existing trading strategies and to develop new strategies. This is a full-time permanent role and we are recruiting for our London and Hong Kong offices.


We are looking for applicants from any quantitative background with a competitive nature, a strong understanding of probability and statistics, and an interest in financial markets.

Requirements for eligible candidates: 
         Outstanding numeracy
         Attention to detail
         Ability to solve problems quickly and creatively
         Strong communication skills
         A bachelor's degree or higher in a quantitative field (minimum 2.1)

Desirable (but not required):

         Familiarity with programming languages such as Java, Python, VBA, SQL, R, C++ or C#