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Guest Pass System (GPS)


Guest Pass System (GPS)

Only residents who have already checked in the halls with valid residential status (e.g. not under suspension/prolonged absence from hall) will be eligible to be the hosts and apply for the guest passes.

The guests must be current full-time UGC-funded undergraduates of HKBU with valid student status. Students who have withdrawn from studies, or are under suspension of studies, or are being sanctioned by the University in any kinds are not eligible to be the guests of UGH.

Charge for a Guest Pass
The charge for a Guest is $100 per night, to be paid by the host through the Octopus Payment Kiosks inside the UGH.

Rules and General Information
ALL Guests must present their student cards for verification of identity in order to gain access to the Halls.

Students should study carefully the rules and limitations of the Guest Pass before applying for one. Detailed information about the Guest Pass System including the rules and guidelines, flow chart of application and penalty on violation of the rules are available HERE.

Penalties on violation of the rules on the Guest Pass System are subject to review and will be amended by the Hall Management from time to time as it deems appropriate. The Hall Management reserves the rights to interpret, review and amend the Rules and Guidelines of the Guest Pass System as it deems appropriate.

Arrangements for Adverse Weather or Extreme Conditions
Detailed information about the arrangements for Guest Pass System during adverse weather and extreme conditions are available HERE.

Guest Pass can be applied through the Guest Pass System