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Updated COVID-19 Measures

In view of the latest development of the COVID-19 situation, the epidemic measures in NTTIH are being adjusted as follows.

Please note that all residents and visitors must abide by all the measures and arrangement below.  Your agreement is assumed once you checked in at NTTIH.  Any violations will be subject to disciplinary actions including but not limited to expulsion from NTTIH, suspension of residence, and future applications not accepted.

All Individuals should wear masks in ALL common areas of NTTIH, including but not limited to lifts, corridors and Student Common Room.  In non-common areas, such as bedroom, mask-wearing remains required when there are other parties present.

All Individuals should prepare their own masks.  Those residents who register at the reception counters to obtain a mask will be charged HK$1 per mask by cash.  An Individual who does not wear a mask will be denied entry to NTTIH.

Visitation to NTTIH

Visitation to NTTIH is limited to one HKBU student per resident at each time.  No non-HKBU visitor is accepted.

The above measures and arrangement are subject to changes and all residents shall pay attention to any updates that may be issued by the University from time to time.