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Protocols for any Confirmed COVID-19 Case in NTTIH

Further to the latest development of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the University has revised the handling procedures of any COVID-19 related matters and broadly announced to the University community.

In this connection, your attention are drawn to the following updated protocols in NTTIH in case of a confirmed COVID-19 case is identified.  The actual arrangement may be adjusted subject to the advice from the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) and the Sustainability, Health & Safety (SHS) Unit of the Estates Office.

Please note that all residents must abide by all the protocol and arrangement below.  Your agreement is assumed once you checked in at NTTIH.  Any violations will be subject to disciplinary actions including but not limited to expulsion from NTTIH, suspension of residence and disqualification of future student residence applications.

Four types of students will be identified in relation to the confirmed COVID-19 case:

  1. Confirmed case resident
  2. Roommate / Unitmates of the confirmed case (Resident UM)
  3. Other close contact with the confirmed case (Resident CC1)
  4. Close contact with UM and CC1 (Resident CC2)

Protocol in case of the NTTIH Lockdown

  1. NTTIH will be locked down immediately, if necessary.  All access points of NTTIH will be suspended.  All concerned residents should stay in NTTIH. (Note: The actual arrangement of lockdown may be adjusted subject to the advice from the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) and the Sustainability, Health & Safety (SHS) Unit of the Estates Office.)
  2. The confirmed case resident(s) will be isolated in his/her room alone.  CHP's advice to be followed.
  3. Resident UM will be relocated to an isolation room while Residents CC1 and CC2 should stay in their own room.  All shall conduct a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).  If the test result is positive, CHP's advice to be followed.  If the test result is not positive, resident UM should conduct a PCR test and then stay in the room until a negative test result is obtained.
  4. No Residents UM, CC1 and CC2 shall allowed to stay in NTTIH unless a negative test result of a PCR test is obtained.
  5. PCR test can be conducted at Community Testing Centres.  Long queuing time is expected.  Advanced booking, if possible, is recommended.
  6. NTTIH management will assist to contact Residents UM, CC1 and CC2 if necessary.  Residents should follow the instructions to provide close contact information promptly.
  7. In case all/most of the residents are required to conduct the COVID-19 test, the CHP may set up a Testing Area near NTTIH or wherever appropriate. The access to NTTIH will be restricted until the COVID-19 test results of all residents and staff concerned are negative.  Residents should stay in the rooms to wait for the test results.
  8. Disinfection of the rooms identified and common areas visited by the residents concerned will be carried out shortly.
  9. NTTIH will be reopened normally when all the test results are negative and subject to CHP's advice.
  10. NTTIH will notify all residents of any relevant updates promptly.
  11. The protocol will be enforced whenever a confirmed case resident is reported, or a Resident UM, CC1 or CC2 is diagnosed with COVID-19 and become a confirmed case resident.

Preparedness of Residents

  1. Minimize social gathering or restricted to 2 persons as required by the law (as of the date of issuing this notice).  Group dinning should be avoided.
  2. Wear a mask at all times whenever you are not in your bedroom.
  3. Strictly maintain personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene.
  4. Stock up a few days of ready-to-eat food and drinks and prepare adequate amount of clothing and other necessities in case of a lockdown.