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Recruitment of 2024/25 College Tutors in the Residential Colleges - Village CARE


Recruitment of 2024/25 College Tutors in the Residential Colleges - Village CARE

Are you ready to join us and become a College Tutor in the newly opened hostel?


Postgraduate students at the University (RPg students are preferred; TPg students may be considered for appointment based on their individual merits)

Application Period

11 April - 1 May, 2024

Eligible students should submit their applications HERE before the application deadline.

About the Residential College - Village CARE

The Village CARE will offer a total of 1,726 student residential places for research postgraduate students, local and non-local undergraduate students, as well as exchange students in AY 2024-25.

It will provide a unique opportunity for the University to develop residential education which aims to work in synchrony with the formal curriculum to deliver the best student experience for the achievement of whole person development. Four living-learning communities, each guided by a theme that complements the academic study with designated learning outcomes will be established. While the College Masters may propose the theme for their respective College, some examples are:

- 學尚雅 Arts and Culture (Aesthetic values / performance / visual art)
義日新 Purpose-driven innovative business and entrepreneurial mindset
強志剛 Sportsmanship and Wellness
德臻善 Community services leadership
* The first Chinese word of each of the four examples of College theme comes from the
University motto 
― 篤信力行 (Faith and Perseverance)

Structure of College Master, College Fellow & College Tutor

College Master(CM)
Each College is led by a College Master who is a senior academic or Professor Emeritus. The College Master is responsible for the supervision of College Fellows and College Tutors and is in-charge of the design and delivery of their Annual Education Report and Plan .

College Fellows(CF)
College Fellows will report to their respective College Master.

A College Fellow is either a University staff member, visiting scholar, alumnus/alumnae, or senior professional, nominated through different channels and recommended by a panel consists of DSA (Chair), the College Master and another College Master.

College Tutors(CT)
College Tutors report directly to their respective College Masters. Each College Tutor will assist their College Master to deliver residential education with the support of the Office of Student Affairs. 


Core Duties

The core duties of College Tutors are as follow:

  1. Serving as a role model and mentor to residents of his/her floor(s)
  2. Supporting the education activities of his/her College as appropriate;
  3. Supporting the respective CM and College Fellows (CFs) on administrative matters and emergency handling;
  4. Monitoring student discipline on his/her floor(s); and
  5. Reporting to the respective CFs and CM.


Benefits & Opportunities

  • Each College Tutor will be allocated a rent-free single room (with a bathroom inside) and provided with a utility subsidy!
  • A monthly utility allowance will be offered
  • Leadership Training & Personal Growth
  • Event Management Experience
  • Networking & Community Building

*Selected candidates will be invited to join the College Tutor training in May, after which approximately 40 College Tutors will be chosen based on their performance throughout the training period.

*The appointment of a College Tutor is normally at least one academic year, subject to the outcome of a semester-end evaluation. 

*During the semesters, it is expected that the College Tutor shall not be away from Hong Kong in order to attend to the needs of residents.


Grab this unique opportunity to join us!