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Student Residence Operation Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To make recommendations on policies and regulations concerning the operation and management of the Halls including physical management and services to be provided in the Halls.
  2. To consider and make recommendations on the provision and maintenance of facilities inside the Halls.
  3. To approve rules and regulations governing the use of various facilities inside the Halls and to monitor their observance.
  4. To monitor the operation and management of the Halls including the performance of the service providers.
  5. To appoint panels when necessary to help carry out the above functions.

Reporting Relationship

This Committee shall report to the Student Residence Management Board.

Frequency of Meeting

Twice a year, before the meetings of Student Residence Management Board.

Membership Composition

Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Dr Rosa TANG
Secretary & Member
Student Housing Manager


(To be appointed by the Chairperson)
Other Members
Director of Student Affairs (Ex-officio)  
Prof. Gordon TANG
Two (2) Resident Masters as nominated by Student Residence Management Board
Prof. Victor WONG
Dr Simon CHAN
One (1) Representative from the Estates Office
Mr Raymond LI
All Resident Community Officers
Miss CHAN Hiu Ling
Miss Wincy TSE
Mr Terry CHAN
Two (2) Officers of each of the Four Hall Councils as nominated by the respective Hall Councils
Miss LEUNG Hoi Ching (Cai)
Miss CHAN Tiffany (Cai)
Mr LAI Hin Wang (Yang)
Mr SUM Tim Long (Yang)
Miss POON Hiu Nam Mignon (Soong)
Miss LAI Nicole (Soong)
Miss FU Tsz Lam (Zhou)
Mr LAU Tsun Ming (Zhou)
In Attendance
One (1) Senior Staff Member from Office of Information Technology Mr Banmas LI
Appointed by the Student Housing Manager (Recording Secretary)
Mr Jacky LAW
President of the Students' Union
Mr FONG Chung Yin

Minutes of last two meetings of Student Residence Operation Committee