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Student Residence Management Board

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the President and Vice-Chancellor generally on the financial management, operation and development of student residences.
  2. To approve the set up of committees and subcommittees overseeing matters concerning the operation of the student residence under the Management Board; and to receive and review their annual reports.
  3. To consider and recommend annual budget of the student residence submitted by the Student Affairs Committee for the Council’s approval via the Finance Committee and to receive financial reports submitted by the Student Affairs Committee.
  4. To determine and approve rental charges and other fees / charges of the student residences as recommended by the Student Affairs Committee.
  5. To approve the use of surplus funds arising from operation of the student residence as recommended by the Student Affairs Committee.
  6. To approve major improvements and repairs / renovation works to the student residences, the amount of which shall be determined by the board from time to time.
  7. To deliberate on any matters relating to student residence as referred by the President and Vice-Chancellor and/or the Council.

Reporting Relationship

This Management Board shall report to the President and Vice-Chancellor.

Membership Composition

As Invited by the President and Vice-Chancellor
Mr Tsai, Philip, BBS, JP
Convener & Member
Director of Student Affairs
Prof. Fock, Henry
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Ms Lau, Verona
Director of Finance
Mr Li, Edmund T M
Director of Estates
Ms Choy, Kay
Director of General Administration
Ms Ang, Susan
Chairman or Member of Student Affairs Committee
Dr. Chang, Ludwig
One (1) Representative from the Resident Masters
Prof. Wong, Ka-Leung
Two (2) Student Members of Student Residence Operation Committee as nominated by Student Residence Operation Committee  
Mr Lee, Ho Tong
Miss Chan, Keng Fei
One (1) student member as nominated by the Student Residence Group of NTTIH
Miss Wang, Aijia
In Attendance
Student Housing Manager (Recording Secretary)
Mr Chan, Kwok Ho

Minutes of last two meetings of Student Residence Management Board