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Residence Life Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To make general policies on hall life education with due regard to the University’s mission and goals to provide holistic education.
  2. To promote inter-hall activities.
  3. To propose and oversee the utilization of hall activity budgets of the 4 Halls.
  4. To make general policies on the admission of students to the Halls.
  5. To make general policies on disciplinary procedures and disciplinary actions.
  6. To conduct annual reviews of the Hall rules and regulations, and make recommendations to the Student Affairs Committee for amendment as and when appropriate.
  7. To receive reports from two Consultative Groups (for Hall Life Education and Hall Rules and Regulations respectively), each charged with the task of soliciting the views of the residents about those policies and practices within its purview.
  8. To make general policies on the recruitment, selection criteria and training of Tutors, for appointment by the respective Resident Masters.
  9. To formulate policies on admittance of non-resident students as affiliated members of the respective Halls.
  10. To advise on administrative procedures of the Halls which would be conducive to hall life education.

Frequency of Meeting

The Committee shall meet at least twice per year.

Membership Composition

Director of Student Affairs
Prof. Gordon TANG
Secretary & Member
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Dr Rosa TANG
Other Members
All Resident Masters      
Dr Amy LEE
Prof. Ricardo MAK
Prof. Victor WONG
Dr Kevin YUE
President of each of the Hall Councils/Acting Executive Committee of Hall Councils
Mr. CHAN Ho Mong (Cai)
Mr. CHU Kai Ching (Soong)
Miss CHICK Wing Laam (Yang)
Miss LEE Ka Ki (Zhou)
A representative of the Students' Union, preferably a non-resident
Mr. LUI Lok Hei
In Attendance
Student Housing Manager
(To be appointed by Assistant Director of Student Affairs)
All Resident Community Officers
Miss Ling CHAN
Mr Terry CHAN
Miss Kate NG
Staff of Undergraduate Halls as appointed by Student Housing Manager
Ms Jade CHAN (Recording Secretary & non-member)
Miss Wincy TSE
Assistant Student Housing Manager
Mr CHAN Kwok Ho
One (1) Hall Tutor from each Hall as nominated among themselves

Miss WONG Wing Yin (Cai)
Mr YEUNG Wang (Yang)
Miss LEE Ching Ingrid (Soong)
Mr Lai Man Hin Danny (Zhou)

Minutes of last two meetings of Residence LIfe Committee