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Residence Life Consultative Group

Terms of Reference

  1. To proactively solicit the views of the residents regarding the policies and practices on hall life education, admission, hall rules and regulations, and disciplinary procedures.
  2. To collate the views so gathered and report them to the Residence Life Committee for consideration.
  3. To consider any other item of business referred to it by the Residence Life Committee.

Reporting Relationship

The Consultative Group shall report to the Residence Life Committee.

Frequency of Meeting

At least twice a year, before the meetings of Residence Life Committee.

[Subject to emergence of any valid agenda item as maybe proposed by members and accepted by the Chairman]

Membership Composition

One (1) Resident Master
Dr Ho, Gray K S
Secretary & Non-member
A staff member of the Undergraduate Halls as appointed by Senior Student Housing Manager
Mr Chan, Terry K W
Members (to be appointed for a 1-year term)
One (1) Residential Life Officer as appointed by the Residence Life Committee
Mr Chu, Donald K H
One (1) A staff member of the Undergraduate Halls as appointed by the Residence Life Committee
Mr Chan, Christopher C K
One (1) Hall Tutor or Non-Local Mentor from each Hall nominated by the Residence Life Committee
Miss Alonso Meza, Paulina (Y.P. Cai Hall)
Miss Tam ,Lok Yiu (C.N. Yang Hall)
Miss Tsui, Lok Tung (C.L. Soong Hall)
Miss Mo, Hiu Shan (S.R. Zhou Hall)
One (1) Officer from each Hall Council nominated among themselves

Mr Chan, Ho Hin (Y.P. Cai Hall)

Mr Chui, Ho Chun (C.N. Yang Hall)
Vacant (C.L. Soong Hall)
Vacant (S.R. Zhou Hall)
One (1) Resident from each Hall nominated by the Resident Masters, 2 of them should be non-local students

Miss Zepeda, Elena Maria (Y.P. Cai Hall)

Mr Naw, Sai (C.N. Yang Hall)
Mr Liang, Zhenning (C.L. Soong Hall)
Mr Chan, Chun Sheung (S.R. Zhou Hall)
In Attendance
Another Residential Life Officer
Miss Tse, Wincy W S
One (1) Representative from the Leadership Quailities Centre (LQC) Ms Chan, Jade B Y