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Questionnaire on “Youth Hostel Scheme” by The Y. Elites Association

24 MAR - 11 APR 2023

Questionnaire on “Youth Hostel Scheme”  by The Y. Elites Association 

*The questionnaire is in Chinese only.*

To further address the housing needs of young people, the Government announced in the 2022 Policy Address and the Youth Development Blueprint the initiative to expand the Youth Hostel Scheme by subsidising NGOs to rent suitable hotels and guesthouses for use as youth hostels.  

The Y. Elites Association will participate in and support the scheme to find suitable hotels for cooperation to provide more than 100 youth hostels to help the young people.  In this connection, the Association is now conducting a questionnaire on the “Youth Hostel Scheme” to help create a comfortable, convenient, and harmonious living environment in youth hostels.  The Y. Elites Association is inviting you to share your thoughts and suggestions by filling in their online questionnaire (HERE) no later than 11 Apr 2023 (Tue).

Thank you for your time.

Student Accommodation Section

Office of Student Affairs