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Prevention of Bedbugs

24 NOV - 31 DEC 2023

Prevention of Bedbugs

In view of the recent increase in reported bedbug cases across multiple countries, we would like to take this chance to remind you of the importance of personal hygiene and taking appropriate precautions, especially if you are planning to travel.

Preventive Measures in the Halls

  • Maintain a clean and comfortable communal living environment.
  • Regularly wash and tumble dry your bedding, blankets, and bedclothes.
  • Clean and vacuum your bedroom regularly. (Vacuum cleaners are available for lending at the G4 Service Counter.)
  • Maintain a non-humid domestic environment.

Advice for Traveling Abroad

  • Use hard-cased luggage, if possible, to prevent bedbugs from attaching.
  • Avoid placing luggage on carpets, opt for cabinets or shelves if practicable.
  • Check beds, pillows, mattresses, and upholstered furniture for bedbugs when staying in hotels. Keep clothing in luggage and close it when not in use.
  • Before returning to the Halls, inspect luggage (especially the luggage wheels) and clothing for any signs of bedbugs.
  • After returning to the Halls, clean the luggage and wash the clothes as soon as possible.

You may refer to the references at the bottom of this email for further details.

Please note that regular cleaning and pest control have been arranged in the Halls.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the Halls a clean and comfortable environment.

Thank you for your attention.