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    P&G Greater China 2019 Oversea Recruiting - Product Supply

    12 SEP - 10 OCT 2018
    P&G Greater China 2019 Oversea Recruiting - Product Supply

    P&G Greater China 2019 Oversea Recruiting - Product Supply

    About Company

    P&G is the largest Consumer Goods Company in the world. We have operations in about 80 countries, building 65 trusted brands that make life better for five billion consumers in more than 180 countries.

    P&G is running more than 140 manufacturing plants in more than 80 countries globally. Our supply chain excellence has been externally recognized by Gartner: Gartner named P&G as one of four supply chain Masters—a distinguished class for the long-term consistent excellence.

    In China, P&G is leading the industry with full-dimensional innovation: intelligent manufacturing, integrated logistics, and new e-commerce supply chain, etc. It has never been a better time to join P&G Greater China.

    About Product Supply
    Product Supply (PS) is the core and biggest function in P&G, transforming brand ideas into superior products and delivering the best experience to our customers and consumers. With highly-digitized planning centers, intelligent manufacturing plants, automated distribution centers, global purchasing insights and end-to-end synchronization, P&G supply chain is agile enough to embrace this dynamic new era. In Product Supply, technology and data is transformed into business insights and intelligence. With the combination of mastery and leadership, you could build your capability to redefine supply chains. Join us because Product Supply can provide much more than an offer for you.

    As a talent in P&G Greater China Product Supply, you will have:
    ·         Flexibility in work locations: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan…
    ·         Well-designed continuous coaching and mentoring: leadership colleges, capability workshops…
    ·         Early responsibility in early career: responsibilities from day 1, promote from within…
    ·         Competitive benefits package: Stock Ownership Program, competitive starting salary…

    Target Applicants
    ·         Bachelor’s degree or above. (All kinds of majors are welcomed. Candidates who has/is pursuing a degree in STEM majors are encouraged to apply.)
    ·         2019 Graduating classes or recent graduates with less than 2 years of work experiences are welcomed.

    1.       Online application: – Search Opportunities – Key Word Search: ASI00000796
    2.       For more information, please scan the QR Code and join the WeChat group

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    JobMarket - Recruitment and Education Fair 頂「尖」好工招聘展, 11 September 2018

    11 SEP 2018
    JobMarket - Recruitment and Education Fair 頂「尖」好工招聘展, 11 September 2018

    JobMarket - Recruitment and Education Fair 頂「尖」好工招聘展, 11 September 2018


    日期:9 月11日 (星期二)
    時間:10:30AM – 4:30PM
    查詢熱線:3181 3322


    * 多間知名人氣企業作即場面試
    * 網羅大量全職、兼職及短期之最新筍工


    * The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Psychology
       (Dr. Amy Chan) —「心理健康話你知」
    * Hong Kong Astrology Club (Ms. Wendy Wong)—「出生日期暗藏搵工方向」
    * Excel Pro Limited (Mr. Arthur Kwok)— 「Excel 見工面試秘技2018」
    * Gemini Personnel Limited(Mr. Clement Lo)—「履歷見工101」
    * My Image Consultancy Limited ( Ms. Joyce Lee) —「用服飾建立專業形象」

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    Nike Campus Athlete Program

    11 - 30 SEP 2018
    Nike Campus Athlete Program

    The 1-year CAMPUS ATHLETE PROGRAM under Nike Hong Kong is to support inter-varsity students who are passionate in sports. We provide opportunities and hands-on trainings to students who want to exile as fitness leaders or sports marketing experts in the future.
    - Poster

    Info Session:
    Date: 13 Sept 2018 (Thu)
    Time: 15:30-16:30
    Venue: iCafe Activities Room

    Nike Campus Athlete Program offers students:
    1. Hands-on experience in multi-national company
    2. Leadership & event management skills
    3. Form a sports community on and off campus

    Nike Campus Athlete Program
    Online application:

    Application deadline: 30 Sept 2018

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    Inter-School Innovation Competition on Insurance Technology (Tertiary Division)

    10 SEP - 01 NOV 2018
    Inter-School Innovation Competition on Insurance Technology (Tertiary Division)

    Inter-School Innovation Competition on Insurance Technology (Tertiary Division), organised by Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (“FSTB”), implemented by Vocational Training Council (“VTC”) and co-organised by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (“Cyberport”). The competition is one of the public education activities under the government-funded Pilot Programme to Enhance Talent Training for the Insurance Sector (“Pilot Programme”).

    The competition comprises a workshop and a hackathon, which will be held on 13 October and 24-25 November 2018 respectively. The top 3 teams will receive a scholarship from FSTB and win fast track interview opportunities for the Cyberport Entrepreneurship Programmes.

    For more details of the competition, please log on to You may also learn more about the Pilot Programme at Should you have any enquiries, please contact  3166 3839 or write to We look forward to your active participation.

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    10 - 27 SEP 2018


    「全港購物節」着重青年發展,於2014年發展「飛躍自我實習計劃」。計劃開始至今已培訓超過500位實習生,實習計劃總時數超過25,000小時,並參與超過10項研究項目。「飛躍自我實習計劃」 更有幸榮獲香港中小型企業總商會頒發的「『友商有良』卓越企業獎」,以表揚本地企業聘用及提供實習機會予本地院校學生及畢業生,使他們累積工作經驗,培養積極正面的工作態度。

    實習生名額 :不限
    實習時數  :部分實習時數可累積申報社會福利署「義工獎勵計劃」
    實習崗位  :活動推廣員



    2018年10月2日 至 2018年10月10日


    2018年10月11日 至 2018年10月12日


    2018年10 月 至 2018年12月



    1.           實習崗位

    4.           由活動主辦方為實習生購買的第三方保險

    2.           實習培訓

    5.           表現優良者會獲嘉許

    3.           實習津貼

    6.           推薦參與社會嘉許義工運動的機會

    電話:(852)3678 8838