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[UG] Tips for Using the Laundry Machines

To ensure good laundry results, residents are encouraged to follow the below tips when using the laundry machines in the Halls.

  • Make sure that you have sufficient balance in your Octopus Cards before doing the laundry.
  • Do NOT overload. Putting too many clothes in the washing machines will significantly lower the degree of cleanliness of the clothes and take much longer drying time. You may want to make use of the weighing scales provided inside the Laundry Rooms for measuring the weight of your clothes before doing the laundry.
  • Remove all coins, clips and metals before washing. Hard objects such as coins, clips and metals may damage the machines and clog the drainage. The objects may also be damaged during the laundry process.
  • Avoid using excessive laundry detergent or softener. Using too much laundry detergent or softener make foam bubbles, which may overflow from and damage the machines. 
  • Do NOT put shoes inside the laundry machines. Washing and drying shoes may cause damage to and contaminate the machines. You can hand wash your shoes and hang them in the drying yard next to the laundry room. Residents who put shoes inside the machines may be responsible for any make good or cleaning charge.
  • Close the machine door properly right after putting all your clothes into a laundry machine. For dryers, please do not open their doors during the drying process.
  • Collect your clothes timely. Please stay in the laundry room BEFORE your laundry is done to avoid any loss or misplacement of clothes. For reference, a washing cycle is about 40 mins.

Residents can now check the availability of laundry machines through an online platform (SSOid login required).

If you come across any problem in using the laundry machines, please approach our Service Counter (G4, G/F) promptly.