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[UG] Best Practice of using the UGH Wi-Fi Services

To further enhance the Wi-Fi connectivity in the Halls, the Office of Information Technology (ITO) has come up with some common factors, which may affect your experience in using the Wi-Fi services.  You are highly encouraged to follow ITO’s advice below in order to have a smooth connection.
Tips for solving common Wi-Fi connection issues

ITO recommends users to take the following actions when encountering problems in connecting the campus Wi-Fi:

  1. Disable randomized mac address, if applicable to your device;
  2. Check and minimize the number of Wi-Fi network profiles (SSIDs) kept on your device;  connect only to BU-Advanced (recommended) or BU-Standard on campus;
  3. Update system software, Wi-Fi card firmware and applications regularly;
  4. Check resources usage (CPU, memory, disk);  reduce system loading by stopping unnecessary applications;
  5. Reboot your device; or
  6. Reset network settings and reboot your device (please backup necessary information before reset).
ITO Technical Support

If you are still having any internet connection problems after trying the above tips, you are highly recommended to approach ITO for further assistance.