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[UG] Wired / WiFi Problem Reporting System

To enhance IT services in the Undergraduate Halls, the ITO has launched an online SRH Wi-Fi and Wired Networking Problem Reporting System for easy reporting of networking problems to the ITO.  Students may simply fill in the electronic form at and ITO would follow-up promptly.
Tips on Using Internet Service
  1. Use wired connection to access internet or watch TV with free software VLC to enjoy uninterrupted transmission.
  2. The Cat5/Cat6 UTP cable for wired connection is available in the University bookstore.
  3. Do not set up personal hotspot or routers in your room as this will easily create interference with WiFi signal.
Email/Hotline Enquiry Service
Please report all IT problems to the ITO as below for prompt assistance:
  1. Call the Service Call Centre at 3411 7899
Staff of ITO will try to resolve your problem over the phone or via email initially.  If problem remains unresolved, you may make an appointment for an on-site inspection. For details of the communication channel with ITO, please visit