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[UG] Flammability Standards of Mattress and Upholstered Furniture

Some residents may bring their own mattresses and upholstered furniture into the Halls.  In view of this, residents are reminded that if these items are made of PU foam, they must meet the Flammability Standards by the Laws of Hong Kong.
Flammability standards
For Mattresses
British Standard : Specification for resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bed bases BS 7177 : 1996.
For Upholstered Furniture
British Standard : Specification for resistance to ignition for non-domestic seating by testing composites BS 7176 : 1995.
Residents who want to bring in any PU foam filled mattresses and upholstered furniture should provide:
  1. An invoice from the manufacturer/supplier indicating that the PU foam filled mattress/furniture items meet the relevant flammability standards ; and
  2. A copy of testing certificate indicating that the material used for the fabrication (upholstery) of the furniture items comply with the relevant flammability standards.