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EWB Global Citizenship Program 2022

Global Vision
22 - 31 OCT 2021

EWB Global Citizenship Program

EWB Global Citizenship Program 2022
EWB Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong) 香港無國界工程師

To nurture future graduates to be better prepared in dealing with global challenges, as well as becoming a leader and global change maker, EWB Global Citizenship Program provides a platform for the participants to enhance their global awareness and come across social, economic and cultural elements through a series of workshops, local and overseas community service (Health Restrictions Permitting).

EWB Global Citizenship Program 2022


All undergraduate and post-graduate students are welcome

**Preference will be given to students studying in engineering, science, social-services, or business-related subjects

Program Period: October 2021 to August 2022 
Quota: Limited

Program Fee:
(upon successful interview)

Part A: HK$1,200 [For all training activities and community service day-trip in Hong Kong]

Part B: International Excursion - ~HK$8000/person (include travel insurance) [For exploration & service trip abroad]

Refundable Deposit: HK$500/person (refunded back to the participant upon successful completion of the entire Program)

Application Deadline: 31 Oct 2021 (Sun)

For more details, you can refer to the information brochure HERE.

Interested students please complete the online application form HERE.

For enquiries, please contact the organizer at