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HKBU Community Service Day 2024


HKBU Community Service Day 2023 Serve Tour-Gather 同遊結義.The programme is organised by HKBU Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs and supported by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation. 香港浸會大學學生事務處領袖素質中心主辦、田家炳基金會贊助

HKBU Community Service Day 2024 - Serve Tour-gather 同遊結義

CLICK HERE to Register to be a volunteer! (Deadline: 7 Mar 2024 Thu) 



HKBU Community Service Day (Formerly known as HKBU Community Service Week) is back! We are stepping out of campus to bring our beneficiaries opportunities to explore the many facets of Hong Kong with our student tour guides, organisers, and volunteers! Students will undergo training provided by Kai Fong Tours and other social welfare organisations to design and serve in local exploration trips tailor-made to different service user groups. 

The Tin Ka Ping Foundation has been a generous supporter of HKBU Community Service Day since 2022, sponsoring the programme to instil students with compassionate values and foster a more inclusive and equitable society. This philanthropic partnership has played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall impact of the community service initiative.

Why join us?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations affirms that all individuals have the right to enjoy cultural activities and participate in the arts within their community.

Hong Kong is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions, yet some individuals may face financial or physical barriers to experiencing the full spectrum of what this city has to offer. This not only deprives them of the opportunity to explore the wonders of Hong Kong, but it also limits their access to quality education. That is why we are committed to training organisers and mobilizing volunteers who understand the unique needs of different social groups and are willing to overcome these barriers.

As an organiser, you will develop vital leadership and communication skills, as well as gain hands-on experience in event management and volunteer coordination. Together, we can help ensure that everyone in our community has equal access to the beauty and richness of Hong Kong's cultural life.

Student Organisers can also enjoy a complimentary tour to explore multiple cultures and delicacies in Chung King Mansion (details to be confirmed) as part of the training.


  • To apply skills and knowledge learnt in serving the underprivileged;
  • To show care and concern to the people in need by delivering service; and
  • To realise and appreciate the strengths of disadvantaged groups. 

Service Targets & Details

We are aiming to serve 250 beneficiaries! Join us and be a part of our force!

*Remarks: Students must understand Cantonese to communicate with the service recipients. 



Sustainable Development Goals


Students' Participation

In the HKBU Community Service Week 2024, students can either participate as Organising Committee Members (OC) or Volunteers. Besides carrying out volunteer services, OC will assist in the overall programme delivery and take up leadership roles during service day, while volunteers will be responsible for designing and delivering voluntary services. 

^Student organisers can enjoy a complimentary tour to Chung King Mansions (重慶大廈) about international cuisines and cultural diversity as part of their training.


Organising Committee Members (OC)


Eligibility All HKBU Students


14 students 

66 Students


Students will be mainly responsible for

  • Leading ice-breaking activities and preparatory meetings of the service day
  • Planning and designing on-campus and off-campus voluntary services on the designated service day
  • Leading volunteers to organise the community guided tours for the service beneficiaries

Students will be mainly responsible for

  • Organising on-campus voluntary services for the service beneficiaries
  • Designing and delivering community guided tours for disadvantaged groups
  • Accompanying service beneficiaries during the day trip and address their needs throughout the day
CCL Recognitionccl

2 CCL Units
(Upon full participation in training, meetings, and service day with satisfactory performance)

1 CCL Unit
(Upon full participation in meetings and service day with satisfactory performance)

Important Dates

Application Deadline 



Recruitment Interview

29 - 31 Jan 2024


OC Training Sessions

Session 1

22 Feb 2024

18:30 - 21:00
Venue: ​AAB402KL


Session 2

29 Feb 2024

Session 3

7 Mar 2024

18:30 - 21:00
Venue: OEE601-603 

Complimentary foodie tour to Chung King Mansion^

2 Mar 2024
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui


Preparatory Meetings with Volunteers

14, 21 Mar; 11 Apr 2024
18:30 - 21:00
Venue: ​AAB402KL

14, 21 Mar; 11 Apr 2024
18:30 - 21:00

Venue: ​AAB402KL

Site Visit/Rehearsal

11 Apr 2024

11 Apr 2024

HKBU Community Service Day 2024

13 Apr 2024
9:30 - 10:00 Kick-off Ceremony
10:00 - 11:30 On-Campus Activities
11:30 - 16:00 Lunch + Guided Tour



HKBU Community Service Day 2024 - Service Day

"HKBU Community Service Day 2024 - Serve Tour-gather" will be held on 13 April 2023, 09:30am to 4:00pm. In this event, 250 beneficairies will come to HKBU, explore other parts of Hong Kong, and receive services from our student volunteers. They will design and deliver those services to foster students' creativity and leadership. Student volunteers will also receive training and guidance from professional staff from NGOs in March. 

Besides delivering services, there are some interesting activities for HKBU students to interact with our service targets. Some of them are even prepared by the service targets themselves.

Service Target Service

Physically Handicapped People

To explore HKBU's campus with trained student organisers as tour guides. 

Wheelchair Icon

Visually Impaired People

Go for an excursion into the New Territories West with student organisers and volunteers.

Man with walking stick


Explore exotic Chaozhou and Thai culture and taste regional delicacies Kowloon City.

Elderly Couple

Children from Low-Income Families

Have fun with children from low-income families and motivate them with university dreams.

Parents and child

Ethnic Minorities

Organise a fun and educational quest for youth across ethnicities.

4 people with different ethinicities




We have to give our heartfelt gratitude to the organisations below for supporting the HKBU Community Service Day and providing HKBU students with meaningful learning experiences. 


Student Societies of HKBU (in alphabetical order)

Logo of AIESEC



Logo of Hong Kong Red Cross University Club HKBU

Hong Kong Red Cross University Club
(Hong Kong Baptist University)

University YMCA HKBU logo
University YMCA®
(Hong Kong Baptist University)
HKBU Judo Club
HKBU Judo Club
Partner Organisations (in no particular order) 
Organisation Name

Organisation Website

Kai Fong Tour

Hong Kong Free Tours
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Lam Tin Centre
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Brilliant Multicultural Centre 

Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired

Wheel Power Challenge

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children 

HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre - Family Activity & Resource Centre
香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心 -
Bethel High School  

More collaborations will be announced in the future! Stay tuned.





Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs,
Room 401, 4/F., The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

Telephone 3411 7436