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Past Talks

Past SEED Talks



Speaker(s): Mr. Jimmy Tao Language: Cantonese

Date: 09/02/2021 (Tue)

Time: 1800 - 1930

Venue: Online via Zoom

Corresponding GA(s): Skills; Creativity

Has Hong Kong the capacity to innovate? Does Hong Kong have the necessary resources and supporting environment for innovations in technology for the future? Hong Kong has been renowned for its success as a world financial hub. But how long this advantage can last without capturing the digital transformation of 21st Century? While many people think doing technology innovation in Hong Kong is a waste of time and cash-burning, Mr. Jimmy Tao has spent over a decade of his time in operating, investing and leading technology startups. He has proven successes in his ventures. His first-person experience in turning around businesses with innovations must be great assets for us to learn.

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How to enhance competitiveness of university students in current global situation?

Speaker(s): Mr. Joseph Ngai Language: Cantonese

Date: 26/01/2021 (Tue)

Time: 1800 - 1930

Venue: Online via Zoom

Corresponding GA(s): Citizenship

Unarguably, 2020 marked the most challenging year for the world, we learnt to adapt to the new normalcy in the face of the COVID-19. All industries had to transform themselves with the use of the technologies to minimize the impact of isolation and distancing. Education around the world has been deeply affected as most face-to-face classes were suspended. Online teaching and learning have been accelerated and practiced with no notice time. While we are all hoping for the vaccine for the pandemic infection, the world was overshadowed by the global trade competition. The race of technological development has never been so fierce ever. It is our pleasure to have Mr. Joseph Ngai, the Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company, in our SEED Talk to explain and analyse the global trends, to give us insights and advices to prepare ourselves on enhancing competitiveness.

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Finding one's way to cultural economy

Tang Siu Wa (鄧小樺)
a well-known cultural practitioner
Language: Cantonese

Date: 01/12/2020 (Tue)

Time: 1830 - 2200

Venue: Online via Zoom

Corresponding GA(s): Citizenship; Communication; Learning; Knowledge; Skills; Creativity

Tang Siu Wa, a well-known cultural practitioner.

She is a founding editor of the literary magazine Fleurs des lettres and a council convener of the House of HKLIT. She was a curatorial team member of West Kowloon Freespace Fest in 2013 and is now hosting the programme “文學放得開” at RTHK.

In the talk “Finding one's way to cultural economy”, Tang will explore with us:

  • How to cultivate different arts and cultures in a business-oriented city like Hong Kong?
  • What is the concept of “cultural economy”? And is money making always contradicting with culture industry?
  • Is it difficult to enter the culture industry?

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Opportunities in Youth Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and in Belt and Road Countries

Dr. Bernard Chan, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Development Bureau HKSAR, will be the SEED talk guest to explain the relevant opportunities and preparations. Dr. Chan has been visiting many young startups in Hong Kong. He will probably have good clues to share with entrepreneurs-to-be.
Speaker(s): Dr. Bernard Pak Li Chan, JP Language: Cantonese

Date: 10/11/2020 (Tue)

Time: 1430 - 1600

Venue: Online via Zoom

Corresponding GA(s): Citizenship

Entrepreneurship has become a common interest among university graduates all over the world. Resources, including startup funding, coworking spaces, and training kits, have been pulled together to aid young entrepreneurs in starting up their businesses. However, in the midst of the global pandemic, the world is facing unprecedented economic challenges. Some traditional large enterprises may not adapt swiftly enough for the changes, and therefore suffer substantial loss. Some small entrepreneurial businesses can however successfully pivot to meet the new needs for services and products by abruptly switching their provisions online. In the new normalcy of business dynamics, what are the advantages of Hong Kong in supporting local entrepreneurship? Are the new/extended play fields in Belt & Road Countries still attractive to businesses? What preparations do university graduates need to ride on the new trend?

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What the Future Education Should be?

In the coming SEED talk series, Dr. Agnes Chan will be addressing learning gaps in education in order to meet future challenges of the next generation.

S​peaker(s): Dr. Agnes Chan (陳美齡小姐) Language: English

Date: 03/11/2020 (Tue)

Time: 1430 - 1600

Venue: Online via Zoom

Corresponding GA(s): Skills

She is a singer, a writer, an educator, UNICEF ambassador and a mother of three children. Dr. Agnes Chan was a popular singer in 1970-80s winning numerous awards. She moved to Japan after getting married. She furthered her studies and developed her career in book authoring and philanthropy. Dr. Chan was known for her outstanding achievement of coaching her three beloved sons to enter Stanford University. She then consolidated her practice, experience and knowledge into a best-selling book, 50 education methods from a mother who put 3 sons into Stanford University (50個教育法 我把三個兒子送入了史丹福).

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Future Skills in A New Decade

In a rapidly changing age of information and AI, what is the top skills set needed to maintain our competitiveness in the coming decade?

Speaker(s): Mr. Gary Liu (CEO, South China Morning Post) Language: English

Date: 20/10/2020 (Tue)

Time: 1400 - 1530

Venue: Online via Zoom

Corrresponding GA(s): Citizenship

In a rapidly changing age of information and AI, what is the top skills set needed to maintain our competitiveness in the coming decade ? As a university student, how do we equip ourselves and keep abreast of the latest trends to remain competitive ? Mr Gary Liu, Chief Executive Officer of the South China Morning Post, will be the guest of the coming SEED talk. He will deliver an insightful talk on Future Skills in a new decade, and welcome questions from participants. It is a golden opportunity to speak with Mr Gary Liu who is a young leader of an over hundred years old newspaper, and also a thought leader with wide global perspectives.

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