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HKBU Student Leadership Corps



About the Corps

Are you ready to enhance your leadership skills and foster personal growth? The Student Leadership Corps Programme, a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance your self-understanding, effective communication, and relationship-building skills through engaging workshops and training sessions, is now launching.

And the cherry on top - you'll even have the opportunity to embark on a study trip to the United Kingdom to explore and be inspired by different community programmes! Throughout the trip, students will have the opportunity to understand various support programmes for the underprivileged, visit NGOs and social enterprises, interact with the locals, and explore different social issues prevalent in the UK. Upon returning from the trip, you will have the chance to share your learnings and deliver your action plans for addressing social issues in Hong Kong.



Know yourself:

  • To help create a sense of self-awareness;
  • To understand one's character strength and appreciate individual differences.

Connect with others:

  • To enhance students’ interpersonal skills such as active listening, empathy, and conflict resolution;
  • To understand strategies for effective and persuasive communication, as well as building relationships.

Serve the community:

  • To broaden students' perspectives on social issues in the local community and the world;
  • Foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to generate insightful and innovative solutions.



  • A total of 3 CCL units will be granted for students with full attendance

Programme Timeline (Tentative, subject to change)




13 May 2024 (Mon)


- Briefing

- Training 1 - Personality dimensions workshop

16 May 2024 (Thur)


- Training 2 - Mindfulness practice

- Debriefing

20 May 2024 (Mon)


- Training 3 - Communication workshop

- Debriefing

23 May 2024 (Thur)


- Training 4 - Sharing and visit to social enterprise

27 May 2024 (Mon)


- Training 5 - Team building

30 May 2024 (Thur)


- Pre-trip preparatory meeting

5 June 2024 (Wed)


- Pre-departure briefing

17-24 June 2024


- UK Trip

28 June 2024 (Fri)


- Post-trip meeting

5 August 2024 (Mon)


- Post-trip meeting



- Submission of proposal and reflective journal

September 2024   - Delivery of action plan 


Trip Schedule

  • 17 – 24 June 2024  (Details of the itinerary are yet to be confirmed)

Eligibility and Quotas

  • UGC-funded undergraduate student
  • 20 quotas



  • HK$3,800/person
  • HK$800 refundable deposit upon full attendance of all the training, services, study trip, and post-trip meeting/ activity with satisfactory performance.
  • Costs include accommodation, meals and activities arranged by LQC, excluding round-trip flight tickets and visa.
  • Successful applicants will be notified shortly after the screening interview.
  • To indicate the acceptance of the offer, the programme fee has be to settled before the given deadline. All fees paid are non-refundable.





Eligible students may apply for funding support from FGF.



For any enquiries, please contact us at or 3411-2331.


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