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「義」遊同行 Serve-cation 2023-24


Are you looking for more diverse experiential learning opportunities outside Hong Kong? With the travel limitations lifted, you now have the opportunities to explore the world and connect the local people by providing service.  

In order to nurture students’ global citizenship, two service & study trips to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Sri Lanka will be organised by Leadership Qualities Centre for students to explore the world. A series of pre-trip workshops and preparatory meetings will be provided to equip students with necessary skills and knowledge for the overseas exposure.

During the trip to Sri Lanka or Chiang Mai, you will be provided experiential learning opportunities in areas of ecology, environmental conservation and sustainable development guided by local environmentalists and provided with opportunities to serve the local community. After the trip, you will be required to share your learnings and reflections to HKBU community.

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Sri Lanka Eco & Service Tour
Chiang Mai Service Trip


Eligibility and Quotas

  • All HKBU students are welcome
  • Sri Lanka Eco & Service Tour: 16 quotas
  • Chiang Mai Service & Study Trip: 16 quotas



Sri Lanka Eco & Service Tour

14-22 May 2024

Apply Now!

Deadline: 11 March 2024 (Mon)

Chiang Mai Service & Study Trip

16-21 June 2024

Apply Now!

Deadline: 15 April 2024 (Mon)

Screening Interview

  • Applicants may be invited to attend screening interview.


Important Notes

  • Successful applicants are responsible for bearing their own costs of the visa application (if applicable).



For any enquiries , please contact us at or 3411 5913.