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Script Writing & Short Video Clip Contest


Script Writing & Short Video Clip Contest aims to promote the understanding of the Basic Law among HKBU community through creative initatives by students and leverage on the output productions by students to further promote the Basic Law. The programme provides opportunities for students to review and understand the essential facts of the Basic Law. The Contest is divided into 2 phases: 

Phase 1: Submission of Script (by 15 Nov 2021)
To enter into the Contest, applicants have to submit a 5-minute script producible into a short video clip.

Theme of the Script
(i) Background of the Basic Law formation, 
​(ii) Constitutional importance of the Basic Law, 
(iii) Delineation of selected chapter(s) / section(s) of the Basic Law, or/and
(iV) Other related topic promoting the understanding of the Basic Law. 

Assessment Criteria
(i) factuality of the script content,
(ii) learning value,
(iii) creativity of the plot and demonstration of the importance of the Basic Law.

$5,000 each for producing the short video clip (max. 5 award) 

Phase 2: Submission of Short Video Clip (Shortlisted entries only)
Shortlisted entries are obliged to proudce the video clips with reference to the script within one month after the result announcement.

Assessment Criteria
(i) Creativity
(ii) Entertainment Value
(iii) Presentation
(iv) Virality

Champion: $9,000
1st runner-up: $6,000
2nd runner-up: $4,000

The winning video clips will be broadcasted in the social media platform of the Leadership Qualities Centre and campus environment to enlarge viewership.


  • All HKBU students, staff and alumni are welcome to apply;
  • Individual submission or in a group of 2-4 person;
  • Script in Chinese or English are accepted
  • Fill in the online application form and uplaod the 5-minute script by 15 Nov 2021

Important Dates

Date Content
15 Nov 2021 Deadline of Application
29 Nov 2021 Announcement of Shortlisted Entries
27 Dec 2021 Submission of Short Video Clip
14 Jan 2021 Announcement of Winning Short Video Clip

Basic Law Promotion Funding Scheme for Tertiary Institutions

Enquiry / 3411 2335

  1. Submission can be made individually or in group of 2-4 students. Multiple submissions are allowed. 
  2. Submission must be the original work and on the date of submission must be wholly owned and controlled by the participants. Submission in Chinese or English are accepted.
  3. All submission must not violate the laws in Hong Kong. 
  4. Submission must be made with a title and brief description of the script (within 100 words). 
  5. All the copyright of your submission belongs to the HKSAR Government. The Organizer and the participant(s) can dupliate the submission for non-profit use only. 
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to deny any submissions inconsistent with the aim of the Contest. 
  7. The Organizer reserve the final right of decisions for any disputes.