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Wofoo Leaders' Network (WLN)

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Wofoo Leaders' Network (Hong Kong Baptist University)

WLN aims to promote the idea of “Responsible Citizenship” and build a harmonious and caring society. Being a WLN member, students from different tertiary institutions will participate in, organize and promote a wide range of activities, in order to enhance all-round skills, self equip proactively, acquire social service experiences as well as to increase a sense of belonging to the nation. WLN develops the students in three dimensions: leadership training, civic education and social servicing.

WLN is supported with a volunteer team of over 100 professionals from a full network of corporate companies which provides advice, mentorship and training to our members, and to support the sustainable development of the Network.

Since its establishment in 2006, HKBUWLN has been working closely with the Leadership Qualities Centre (HKBU), to provide a broad range of high quality trainings, experiential learning and community services experiences for our members.

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Student Benefits:

WLN covers most of the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, which encourages experience sharing across the platform. Members could:
  • widen their horizons by being in contact with business leaders, professionals and students from other institutions or overseas;
  • have the sharing from mentors with different professional background;
  • learn from various programmes & projects, and perform community services;
  • learn to be a leader, and serve as a leader by joining different kinds of leadership training;
  • enlarge social network by joining cross-institutional activities

Join us

To join our membership, please complete the Membership Form and submit it to LQC counter at WLB401.

Contact us

Rita Cheung
Tel: 5399 1351

Leadership Qualities Centre
Tel: 3411 2088

Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
Fax: 3411 5983
FB: 香港浸會大學和富領袖網絡HKBUWLN
IG: hkbuwln