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HKBU Model United Nations Club


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  • Do you have a knack for international relations?

  • Are you curious about the ever-increasing political tension?

  • Want to act as a professional UN diplomat?


What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

  • An authentic simulation of the United Nations (UN) committee structure, where students assume the roles of United Nations member states to discuss and develop resolutions for issues of international scope and importance
  • An experience based on diplomacy, compromises, knowledge, learning, and friendships

Why should I join HKBU MUN Club?

The HKBU MUN Club is here to fulfil your ambition:

  • - To expand your capacity for public speaking
  • - To equip you with diplomatic and inter-personal skills
  • - To broaden your global horizon through participation in overseas conferences

(e.g. National Model United Nations -New York, Geneva International Model United Nations, Singapore Model United Nations.)

We also provide you with a series of useful MUN trainings which all aim to:

  • Enrich and expand your breadth of knowledge, social concern, and awareness of regional and international issues and relations;
  • Strengthen your research, critical-thinking, analytical, negotiation, and presentation skills;
  • Promote your understanding of cultural diversity and cross-cultural cooperation as you meet with elites from around the world; and 
  • Foster your passion to serve the local community and global village.

Executive Committee members are responsible for running the club from MUN training designs to organizing events with the support from Office of Student Affairs. They also serve as mentors for the trainees. Not only that they intentionally support and advise all of the students throughout their training, but they are also responsible for the training sessions and leading the delegations to overseas conferences.

Team 2024




HU Xinyue/Journalism & Digital Media/Year 2

Hi guys! I’m Nemo, the president of the HKBU MUN Club 2023 - 2024. In this era of globalization, learning about the world is more important than ever. After my first time trying the MUN conference, I found that it’s a motivational place that engages us to learn things beyond the classroom, acquire problem-solving skills and meet peers with the same passion. These are the beauties of MUN conferences, and HKBU MUN club is the ideal choice for you to get a taste of experience as a delegate at the MUN conference and meet friends from all over the world to solve global issues together. No matter if you have previous MUN experiences or not, our club is always a warm place expecting you to join us, to experience, to learn, to go beyond!

Vice president


Vice President

Julianna Jemima BADAJOS, Journalism & Digital Media, Year 3

Why do you think global conflicts happen? It could be over people’s differing beliefs, disagreement over a set of rules and agreements, or even to protect a state’s own interests. No matter the answer, conflict will continue to persist for as long as states coexist with one another. That is why international cooperation and diplomacy is vital to building a better world for all.As this year’s Vice- President, I hope that this club can help students become more curious and critical about the world around them, coming together to solve complicated global issues in complex ways. No matter how green or experienced, what I enjoy the most is that students will grow and engage in more meaningful conversations and debates. If you want to challenge yourself, the MUN club is right up your alley


director of academics

Vice President

Olivia SCHEIRE/International Relations and Science Politics/Year 3 

Hi everyone! I’m Olivia, Vice President of the HKBU MUN Club for this year! I’m a French student from Sciences Po Lille coming to study international relations and science politics at HKBU. I’ve been doing MUN in Europe for 2 years now, as a delegate and chair, so I’m beyond excited to start this new adventure in Hong Kong! MUN is an amazing experience where you can learn and grow with other delegates and make lifelong friendships. Here at HKBU, you’ll know like the back of your hand how the UN works and responds to international issues but you will be able to learn so much more by keeping our spirit of debating, negotiating, writing and speaking alive. We want to allow beginner or advanced delegates to do MUN the best way possible in a respectful place, where you can always push forward to find solutions during captivating simulations. I cannot wait to start learning with you all, time to shine delegates !!


director of external affairs


Director of External Affairs

Clothilde Jeanne MAZURIER/Global & China Studies/Year 2

Discovering the world of MUN conferences was the starting point of where I could be invested in something bigger than myself, but also where I could learn from the other talented delegates who always give everything to find common solutions to an issue. This community gathers people from all around the world, and unites around a simple common goal: ensuring world peace. That is why I decided to involve myself as much as I could by being a member of the HKBUMUN committee of 2023-2024 as your Director of External Affairs. As an International Global and China Studies Year 2 student, I am passionate about geopolitics and determined to engage myself in what I probably love the most: debating. Join us for this exciting adventure that is the HKBUMUN club

director of communications


Director of External Affairs

WU Pui Yi, Pearly/English Language and Literature & Translation/Year 4

Ever pondered the unifying force among nations? As a language student, I’ve always been an ardent advocate for diplomacy. Diving into HKBUMUN's vibrant platform, I'm thrilled to kindle conversations on global affairs with individuals from different backgrounds. My dedication extends to weaving connections that embrace a spectrum of perspectives, transcending communities, and linking our club with influential voices.As we journey ahead, our club will delve into international relations through dynamic workshops and conferences. This pursuit involves cultivating a profound understanding and amplifying our collective voice for change. Step into HKBUMUN, where diverse minds converge and ignite transformative discourse! I'm eager to partake in this journey of growth, camaraderie, and international engagement!


Director of Academics

WONG Ka Hei Ben/History/Year 2

What’s up guys, my name is Ben and I will be the Director of Academics for HKBUMUN this year. Like other History enthusiasts, I have always been intrigued by global affairs and have even been viewing the study of history as a hobby. Yet, one can only do so much by merely studying the long-gone past in our ever-changing world. That is why I decided to sign up for HKBUMUN, where I can share and hear different perspectives in full-fledged debates with peers from various backgrounds. As Director of Academics, I am looking forward to serving the HKBU community through making use of what I am specialising in. Do join us now for an unforgettable time that you must not miss out!

director of communications


Director of Communications

Jim AU YEUNG/Journalism & Digital Media/Year 2

Let’s face it: Big powers are poor at cooperating. With 193 internationally-recognised sovereign states each upholding their own ideologies and prioritising their own national interests, conflicts between one another are inevitable, thus this is where diplomacy comes in to help maintain peace. I’m delighted to be able to participate in MUN to experience diplomacy in action, the challenges of convincing other delegates to back your side, the dilemma when you’re wanted in multiple blocs, and the utter joy when a consensus is finally reached and resolution is eventually passed. I want you to be able to endure these fruitful experiences too. Therefore, as the director of communications of this year’s club, I look forward to spreading the spirit of diplomacy, so that you could better understand the international order, and be more willing to further engage in global affairs with critical thinking, so as to defend our voices.

director of external affairs


Director of Operation

SZE Wai Man Kelly, Chinese Language and Literature & Dip Edu, Year 5

Hey, I’m Kelly. I didn’t think of being an Exco member of the university’s club before. However, I would like to step out of my comfort zone in my final year, and luckily I could take this position and contribute to the MUN Club.It’s always important to keep track of the world’s pace as we are all global citizens! For me, I wish I could expose myself to global issues. As a future teacher, it’s also essential to equip myself with a critical, analytical mindset. Taking part in the Model United Nations conference will definitely be a great way to get insightful thoughts through in-depth research in global affairs! Come join us and start your fruitful journey here!



HKBU Model United Nations Club is now recruiting members!

You are more than welcomed to join us regardless of your major and study year. 

member recruitment poster

Benefits of being our member: 

  • Opportunities of joining local and overseas MUN conferencesScholarships for attending overseas conferences 
  • Problem-solving and public speaking skills
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Meeting more friends from all over the world
  • Excos will be fully subsidized and members will receive 70% subsidy when attending the overseas conference(s)

Interested parties may apply via by 7 October 2022.

HKBU MUN CLUB 2022-2023 Annual Schedule




Sep-Oct, 2022

Members Recruitment

Oct - Nov, 2022

Orientation Night

Training Sessions

Mock Conference Simulation

Dec - Jan, 2023

Leisure Activities

Conference Simulation

Delegate Selection

Feb - Mar, 2023

Training for selected delegates

Local Conferences

Overseas Conferences

Mar - Aug, 2023

HKBU MUN Conference

MUN Conferences

Delegations will be sent to participate in local conferences (within HK) when available.
The above schedule is tentative and may subject to changes without prior notice.


Tel: (+852) 3411 5913

Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University