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Bon-vlog-yage Travel mini-vlog competition

Submit a 1-min vlog from your travel to the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and any other places around the world to win up to $3,100. 

Bon Vlog yage poster


All HKBU full-time UG students.


Submit an online registration form, which includes a link to the 1-minute video. Students could submit a maximum of TWO videos to each of the themes between September 2023 to August 2024. 



  1. GBA KOL: Capture the experience of going to the Greater Bay Area (GBA), except Hong Kong, such as visiting attractions, participating in cultural events, gathering with friends, enjoying the travels, etc.
  2. Travel Buddies: Capture the moments of travelling with other HKBU students to experience the local culture of the travel destination, including Hong Kong. Extra points will be given to entries that include a culturally diversified student mix among the travel bubbies. 

Selection Criteria: 

A panel of judges will select the winners of each theme according to the following criteria:

  • Representation of the specific themes enrolled into (i.e. GBA KOL or Travel Buddies) (70%)
  • Creativity (15%)
  • Aesthetic Impression and Technical Execution such as lighting, colour balance, focus, sharpness, etc (15%)

Selection Procedures and Awards:

1. Bi-monthly Awards

Submissions will be screened and awarded every two months by the end of October, December, February, April, June and August. A maximum of 8 vlogs, regardless of the themes, will be selected to be uploaded to the Instagram of LQC for voting every two months. The 8 winners will be awarded with a cash award of $500 each.

2. Final Awards

All the shortlisted vlogs will be entitled to run for the final competition in September to win a cash award of $2,000, $1,500 or $1,000 for the champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd-runner-up respectively from each of the themes. In addition, regardless of the theme, a maximum of 5 merit awards of $200 each will be awarded to other outstanding vlogs as decided by the selection panel and the video with the most LIKE on Instagram of LQC by 2 September 2024 will be awarded $600. The result will be announced in September 2024.

  1.  Winners will be notified individually by email. The cash awards will be transferred to the winners through their local bank account. 


  1. The submitted vlog must be in mp4 format, within 1 minute and uploaded to YouTube, Google Drive, or other video streaming websites. Participants must make sure that the submitted vlog can be viewed publicly throughout the Contest period.
  2. The selected vlogs from every two months will be uploaded to the Instagram of LQC. Students are advised to provide their Instagram accounts for tagging and attracting likes from their friends.
  3. Entries must be original works by the participants and have not won any prizes in any other competitions.
  4. Entries should not violate any laws in Hong Kong and of your travel destination(s), including but not limited to infringement of privacy, copyright, trademark, portrait right etc. All of the stock music, graphics and font types must be copyright-free.
  5. To expand the viewership of your vlog, English subtitles should be included if the video is being recorded in other languages. No obscene, violent or offensive words, images or audio should be filmed. 
  6. All information provided by the participants must be true and accurate.
  7. Participants should seek consent from the other travel buddies or property owners of the sites, if applicable, before the shooting.
  8. Participants who violate any of the above-mentioned rules will be disqualified without further notice. 
  9. Upon submitting the application form, participants acknowledge that they agree to grant permission to the Office of Student Affairs for the use of their videos for advertising and publicity purposes.
  10.  Rules and Regulations are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Leadership Qualities Centre of the Office of Student Affairs.