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Community Engagement Organisers: Positive Ageing Learners Programme (CEOs-PAL)




Have you ever heard of “Positive Ageing”#? Being positive, engaging fully in life and keeping healthy is of utmost importance to people, especially at the old stage, to avoid depression, loneliness and illness. 

Community Engagement Organisers : Positive Ageing Learners Programme (CEOs-PAL), an elderly care programme (悟宿基金會「老」吾老計劃), was launched and sponsored by The Providence Foundation Limited since 2021. Students will become life-long learners with seniors and serve the seniors in need in our neighboring Wong Tai Sin community. It is hoped that cross-generational learning could develop students’ communication and problem-solving skills, and the responsibility to care for one another.


  • Engage with seniors through a series of learning programmes on maintaining a positive ageing
  • Join a senior-youth buddy team to reach out to seniors in social isolation to provide care and support on home improvement

CEO PAL diagram(click to expand for better view)

Related Key Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

SDG: Good Health and Well-Being SDG: Quality Education SDG: Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG: Partnerships For the goals


  • Join a senior-youth buddy team with other student volunteers and elderly buddies
  • Attend trainings and learn positive ageing with your peers and elderly buddies
  • Join hands to show support and care to elderly buddies and seniors in social isolation
    (e.g. regular contact, home visit at least once a month, etc)
  • Identify, propose and engage in home improvement of the seniors in social isolation
  • Complete the Monthly Log Sheet by the end of each month (Oct 2023 – Mar 2024)
  • Cumulate at least 20 service hours in the programme 

What you can gain

  • Receive a certificate of completion of "CEOs Positive Ageing Learners Programme"
  • Receive a certificate of completion of "Professional Anti-Slip Nano Coating for Elderly Bathroom"
  • Obtain 2 CCL units
  • Engage with elderly buddies and be a life-long learner together
  • Reach out to seniors in social isolation in a senior-youth buddy team
  • Free -of -charge training on communication and positive ageing.
  • Free-of-charge social events to enrich exposure and engagement with the local community


Service Targets:  Elderly buddies and frail elderly in the local community (communications with the service targets may mainly be in Cantonese)
Fee:  Free of charge (volunteers are fully sponsored to all training and workshops) Recognition:  On successful completion, participants will receive 1) a certificate and 2) 2 CCL units Eligibility:  Open to all Undergraduate students, with priority to 2023-24 UGH/NTT hall residents Application Deadline:  19 September 2023 < extended deadline!> Selection Interview (ZOOM):  20, 21 September 2023



19 Sep 2023

Application deadline

20, 21 Sep  2023


20 Sep 2023

​Result Announcement

23 Sep 2023

[Bonding with Elderly Buddy]

Ice-breaking and Training on Positive Ageing @Ma Wan 

7 Oct / 14 Oct 2023

[Service to Frail Elderly]

Training on Service Skills & 1st Home Visit to the Frail Elderly @Lok Fu

28 Oct 2023

[Bonding with Elderly Buddy]

Training on Identifying Home Improvement Needs @HKBU 

[CCL Activity - Application through]
[Open to all HKBU Undergraduate Students]

4 Nov 2023

[Service to Frail Elderly]

2nd Home Visit to the Frail Elderly & Team Coaching on Proposing Home Improvement Needs @Lok Fu

Dec 2023

[Bonding with Elderly Buddy]

Social Gathering with Buddy and/or Frail Elderly, to be proposed by Buddy Team 

23 Jan 2024

[Bonding with Elderly Buddy]

Lunar New Year Celebration Dinner @Wong Tai Sin 

13/20 Jan 2024

[Service to Frail Elderly]

Bathroom Rescue for the New Year ( Home Improvement Service with Training ) @Lok Fu

[CCL Activity - Application through]
[Open to all HKBU Undergraduate Students]

Feb 2024

[Service to Frail Elderly]

3rd Home Visit to the Frail Elderly @Lok Fu

13 Apr 2024 Closing Ceremony @Lok Fu


Miss Cindy Chan
T: (852) 3411 2403

CEOs PAL 2022/23 

Our Voices

Student Volunteers


“Meeting new people was exciting and uplifting and spending time with older volunteers was inspiring and heartwarming. These interactions helped me to learn new things, gain new perspectives, and feel more connected to the world. Overall, it' was wonderful to connect with others and share the joy of relationships.”

“This programme undoubtedly provided me with the opportunities to improve my communication skills when interacting with the elderly buddies.”

“It allows me to get to know more about the current situations of elderly people in Hong Kong and enables me to increase my further knowledge and skills in communication, civic engagement, and cultural diversity.”

"I learned a lot about positive ageing and other related topics. For example, the talk about dementia was very useful to my profession, and I can share the information with my family."

Elderly Buddy




“我很多謝你們幫助我們預備了這麼多節目! 每個參加者都很歡喜,大家都很開心高興。”

Frail Elderly