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Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union (HKBUSU), register under the Societies Ordinance (Cap 151), is the single largest, independent student organization of students (except for postgraduate studies) at the University. It aims to promote activities in the best interests of all students and the University, to help coordinate various student organizations, and to cooperate with the University administration for the common good of the University community.

Structure of the Students' Union
(structure provided by the Students' Union)

There are four central bodies to handle different aspect of work within the Students' Union: the Executive Committee deals with daily administration work and the Welfare Cooperation Shops provide types of food and beverage for the University Community to purchase; the Union Council is the legislative and monitoring body; the Editorial Board work as the press of the Union and publish campus news and magazines to the students; the Judicial Council is to handle complaints and dispute resolution within the Union.

  • Council
    Office Location: YSS503
    Contact Telephone: 34117454
    Fax Number: 23382341
    Website / E-mail: /
  • Editorial Board
    Office Location: YSS502
    Contact Telephone: 34117882
    Fax Number: 23380115
    Website / E-mail:
  • Executive Committee
    ​Office Location: YSS501 / AAB615
    Contact Telephone: 34117454 / 34116491
    Fax Number: 23382341 / 34116496
    Website / E-mail: /
  • Judicial Council
    Office Location: YSS604
    Contact Telephone: n.a.
    Fax Number: n.a.
    Website / E-mail:
  • Welfare Cooperation Shop​s
    Office Location: YSS505 / AAB308
    Contact Telephone: 34115154 / 34112098
    Fax Number: n.a.
    Website / E-mail: