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Violation Penalties

In case of violation of the guidelines, rules and regulations stated in this manual, the student organization concerned will be penalized in the following manners according to the seriousness:

  1. verbal and written warning and reprimand to the student organization and/or the person(s) -in-charge;
  2. the right of use of the organization of certain services provided by the SA be suspended for a certain period of time upon the Director of Student Affairs’ directive;
  3. the financial subsidy may be jeopardized;
  4. the students concerned may be brought to the University’s disciplinary actions.

Office bearers are leaders who are expected to display integrity and serve as role-models to other students. Individual officer bearer who fails to observe the University Standards of Conduct may be required to step down from serving as the office bearer of student organizations and/or sitting on University committees for a specific period.