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Insurance for HKBU Students

The University has a Personal Accident Policy for all students against bodily injuries solely and directly arising from ACCIDENT while engaging in activities organised or arranged by the University and/or HKBU recognised student associations. Please refer to the website of the Finance Office  for details.

For activities arranged outside Hong Kong, the student organisers are required to submit the following documents to Ms. Christy Wong of Finance Office via email at least 10 days before the departure date:

  • Completed Overseas Travel Insurance Declaration Form for Official Trip from all participants
  • Official document including activity name, venue, period of official period and itinerary (e.g. invitation letter from partner organisation, event proposal)
  • List of participants with their full names and student IDs

Participants will be informed to settle additional premium for their personal trip (if any). Proof of premium settlement has to be submitted to Finance Office at least 5 days before the departure date.

Students can arrange their own insurance plan from other insurers to cover their travel period if they wish. In this case, the abovementioned submission to FO is not required.

For enquiries, please contact the Finance Office at 3411 7683.