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Fund-raising Activities

As solicitation of money is involved, approval from SA must be sought before any fund raising activity is to be carried out (either on or off campus).

  1. Only one fund raising activity for the benefit of the applying organization will be allowed in each academic year. However, such limitation would not apply to activities held for charity purpose.
  2. The “Application Form for Fund Raising Activities” must be completed and submitted to SA at least 1 month in advance of the activity. (Please click here to download.)
  3. The student organization’s financial statement of the past year, annual budget of the current year and the budget of proposed activity must be enclosed with the application form.
  4. Favourable consideration would be given to activities with specific objectives, feasible plan and sound rationale.
  5. Should the fund raising activity include any musical or dramatic performance, the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority must be notified as early as possible. The activity organizers are to comply with the laws relating to copyright.
  6. For walkathon, detailed schedule and the route map of the activity must be submitted to the Traffic Control Headquarters of the Hong Kong Police Force for records.
  7. For sales activities, please refer to the guidelines for sales activities on campus.
  8. Copies of the following materials must be submitted to SA at least 1 month before the date of the activity for record:
    1. all solicitation materials to the public or private institutions and individuals; and
    2. all publicity materials related to the activity.
      (Note: all publicity materials must not carry any cigarette or liquor advertisements.)
  9. Except for the advisors of the applying organization, all University staff and members of the Board of Governors must not be approached for sponsorship.
  10. The applying organization must not act through any outside agent or organization to raise fund.
  11. Student organizations which plan to hold activities in the ACHall may apply for rental charges waiver with SA. The wordings “sponsored by Hong Kong Baptist University” must be printed on all publicity materials. The details of the application of charges waiver can be view here (/cls/student-organizations-and-support/financial-support-for-student-activities/ac-hall-block-grant)
  12. Student organizations are encouraged to hold joint-organization fund raising activities in order to minimize competition. SA would consider extra financial support and special arrangements for such activities.
  13. A detailed financial statement and a brief evaluation report on the activity, being confirmed by either the General Meeting or the Executive Meeting should be submitted to SA within 1 month after the activity.