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External coaches and trainers

The following guidelines are for student organization with external coach(es) or trainer(s) for any course on either long-term or short-term basis. All members involved in the course including the external coach(es) and trainer(s) should be acquainted with the guidelines.

  1. Course participants should be fully informed of the training package, course fee and course content before their registration to the course. Should there be any possibility of additional charges arising from non-regular training, certificates, competition and the like, trainer/coach or the committee of the course has the responsibility to inform the participants.
  2. Student organizations with external coach or trainer for any course are advised to deliberately consider if the training fee is reasonable and, if possible, to check the market price. 
  3. Official receipts should be issued for any payment arising from the course.
  4. Should there be any request of additional tutorial or coaching which is not stated clearly before registration, it is up to the decision of the participants to participate or not. Individual participant or the student organization should consider deliberately whether the additional training is effective and the cost is reasonable.
  5. The University premises reserved for the training should be limited to the course participants who are HKBU students and staff, or alumni unless special approval of the Director of Student Affairs is obtained.
  6. The student organization and the coach/trainer(s) should ensure the organization’s activities are in line with the University tradition and culture.
  7. The student organization, the coach/trainer and all participants of the course should observe the following ordinances:
    1. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
    2. Code of Practice issued by Equal opportunities Commission
  8. Parking permit and fees can be referred to