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Consultancy Service

The following is a list of Consultants who are willing to help by giving their expert advice to student organisations. Please feel free to approach them should you encounter any questions that are related to their expertise.

Staff Consultants

Alumni Matters
Dr. Melanie Lee – / 3411-7961
Director of Alumni Affairs

Cultural Diversity
Miss Zoe Yim – / 3411-5189
Manager of Leadership Qualities Section

IT Issues
Mr. Banmas Li – / 3411-7450
Assistant Information Technology Manager 

Legal Issues
Dr. Davy Wu – / 3411-7534
Senior Lecturer of Department of Accountancy and Law

Media Relations
Mr. Terence Poon – / 3411-5261
Assistant Director of the Communication and Public Relations Office

Sales Agreement / Purchasing
Ms. Casey Cheung – / 3411-7902
Purchasing Manager of Finance Office

Health and Safety
Dr. Priscilla Lee - / 3411-7995
Manager of Estates Office