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Activity Week, Promotion Week and Orientation Camp

I. Activity Week

At the end of second semester every year, application form of “Activity Week Schedule Request” will be distributed to all student organizations for holding A-weeks in the next academic year. Students should indicate their intention to hold A-week and preference of the schedule including time and venue. It is the fact that some dates and venues are more popular and student organizations are advised not to limit their choices on particular period and venue.

Because of limited resources and large number of student organizations holding A-Weeks, there is no guarantee that the best time and the best venue can be provided to the applicants. However, preference will be given to those societies/clubs which hold their A-weeks together and in such cases, more resources support will be considered. In any case, application forms should be submitted ON TIME and any application received after the deadline will be placed at lower priority on assigning the date and venue of A-Week.

II. Promotion Week

At the end of second semester every year, application form of “Promotion and Recruitment Counters for Orientation Week” will be distributed to all Interest Clubs for holding their Orientation weeks normally held in the first week of the next academic year. Unless special approval has been obtained from SA, no banner and poster is allowed to be put up anywhere during this period, except at one’s own counter not disturbing others. Large scale or noisy performance are basically not allowed to be held in front of the counter. Normally one board, two classroom tables and two chairs are assigned to each counter location. Owing to the limited resources,(space) equipment of audio and visual types may have to be shared among several clubs.

III. Orientation Camp

Student organizations that organize orientation camps in the summer should submit information of dates and locations of the camps to SA before the end of the semester proceeding the summer when orientation camps are held. Prompt submission of information by student organizations is needed to help facilitate the scheduling of different summer programmes and avoid time conflicts.