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Mental Health Enhancement

Apart from offering psychological counselling to students to enhance their well-being, the Centre is also devoted to strengthening students' awareness and understanding of mental health and promoting the caring culture on campus through different kinds of programmes. 

Recent Events

While the end of this semester is approaching and you have exams to prepare, you may feel stressed and anxious.    You are encouraged to be more aware of your physical/ emotional conditions and to use different ways to manage your stresses.  Counseling and Development Centre has invited “Moving Wellness Truck” and “Therapy Dogs” to come to give you cheers and help you de-stress. Come & Join us!

Moving Wellness

Moving Wellness

Date & Time: Nov 20, 21, 29 & 30 (10:00am6:00pm)
Venue: Car Park between AAB & JCACC/SCM

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dogs - Meet & Greet

Date & Time: Nov 23, 26 (1:30 – 2:30pm) &
      Nov 27, 28 (12:30 – 1:30pm)
Venue: G9 (Rev. James Mau Memorial Chapel)


Centre’s Most Recent Tips

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9 Warning Signs of Emotional Distress


Event Highlights



The videos aim at promoting mental health and strengthening students’ understanding of mental illness. This could increase their awareness of symptoms of mental illness and consequently their effectiveness in preventing the occurrence of mental illness.

The videos are in Cantonese. Please click here for more details.