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Mental Health Enhancement

Apart from offering psychological counselling to students to enhance their well-being, the Centre is also devoted to strengthening students' awareness and understanding of mental health and promoting a caring culture on campus through different kinds of programmes. 

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MHE Cheer-up Programme 2021-22 Semester 2
  1 Hour Relaxing Meditation for Stress Reduction
  A body-and-mind relaxing experience presented by certified meditation teacher, Miss Zero Chan, who will guide us through this healing workshop with nature sounds, singing bowl sound bath, mindful stretching and breathing exercise.


Miss Zero Chan ((Mindfulness yoga teacher (RYT500), a meditation teacher, a Tibetan singing bowl therapist)


14 April 2022 (Thu)
  Time: 3:30pm -4:30pm

Registration link:

  Language:  Cantonese supplemented with English 

*All are welcome!


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#Shine_in_Darkness Bottle Lamp

#Shine_in_Darkness Bottle Lamp



The videos aim at promoting mental health and strengthening students’ understanding of mental illness. This could increase their awareness of symptoms of mental illness and consequently their effectiveness in preventing the occurrence of mental illness.

The videos are in Cantonese. Please click here for more details.