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Psychological Assessment

Tests on personality, interpersonal relationship and career interests are available at the Centre. These psychological tests and career tests may be administered to enhance self-understanding, to identify areas for growth, and to increase a sense of career direction. Test results are interpreted by counsellors. Currently, some of the available assessment inventories include:

  • 16 PF – 16 Personality Factors;
  • MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator;
  • SII – Strong Interest Inventory; and
  • WPDI – Whole Person Development Inventory, etc.

Those who have completed the WPDI, may login to the WPDI eSystem to review their personal report.

You may also try the Psychological Online Tests with immediate result to get a better understanding about yourself now. These tests will help you understand yourself better in areas such as level of life satisfaction, stress level, and emotional health, etc.