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Mental Health Enhancement

Apart from offering psychological counselling to students to enhance their well-being, the Centre is also devoted to strengthening students' awareness and understanding of mental health and promoting the caring culture on campus through different kinds of programmes. 

Recent Events

Banana Week

A Banana A Day

You are invited to take part in the “A Banana a Day” event during Mar 20-23, where you can learn about the benefits of eating banana, have fun trying banana tattoo, and get a banana and instant photo for free!

Maintaining good physical and mental health is important for you to manage the stress and overcome the challenges in the second half of the semester.  You may begin it easily by establishing healthy eating and exercising habit.

Come join us earlier in this meaningful event!  The gifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last!

Make My Heart “Fly” Sports Day

Make My Heart “Fly” Sports Day

You are encouraged to join the Make My Heart “Fly” Sports Day which is the first sports day organised for the mental health rehabilitation clients in Hong Kong. During the event, several integration competition events such as 4X100 relay, Floor Curling will be held and BU students are welcome to join too. Let’s keep fit and do sports together.
Date April 8 (Sunday)
Time 9:30am to 5pm (Integration events will be held in the afternoon session)
Venue Joint Sports Centre, 36 Refrew Road, Kowloon Tong
Enrollment Please click here


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The videos aim at promoting mental health and strengthening students’ understanding of mental illness. This could increase their awareness of symptoms of mental illness and consequently their effectiveness in preventing the occurrence of mental illness.

The videos are in Cantonese. Please click here for more details.