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Leaving home to study in a new city provides valuable opportunities to learn new things, to explore new places and to meet people with different values and cultural background. To facilitate yourself to cope with the changes and have a better adjustment in Hong Kong, you may find the following tips helpful.

1. Be familiar with available resources

The more you are familiar with the campus resources, the more you will feel secured in the new environment. You may find some of the following resources useful for coping with homesickness and cultural adjustment.


  1. Mainland Student Services.A team of our professional and caring staff is ready to provide services and offer programmes to help Mainland students get started with your new life in Hong Kong. In addition, you can join our Host Family Programme which will provide support and care while you are studying in Hong Kong.
  2. Counseling Services.Psychological Counsellors are ready to work with you on different developmental issues and emotional distress. In particular, if you find yourself having significant difficulties in maintaining daily functioning while adjusting to a new environment, don’t hesitate and seek counseling service at our Centre.
  3. International Office.It provides a variety of academically and socially enriching activities to enhance international and cross-cultural understanding on campus.
  4. Language Centre. It designs and delivers a variety of language programmes to help HKBU students improve written and oral English and Chinese (Putonghua and Cantonese)
2. Share your feelings with others

You may think that others are doing well and thus hesitate to share your own feelings. In fact, many Mainland and international students experience similar feelings as you do. Develop a supportive network could allow yourself to feel being understood and equip yourself with resources for coping with homesickness.
3. Maintain regular contacts with family and friends

It is understandable that you wish to maintain regular contact with your own family and friends. Yet, too many contacts and visits (e.g. daily phone calls or getaway trip in weekend) may limit your opportunities to adjust to the new changes and develop new relationships. You can try stay in touch with your family and friends by phone calls or emails, say like once or twice a week. You can also schedule a visit home during long holidays. Allow some space for you to explore and enjoy something new.
4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Try to keep up your healthy habits of getting structured and adequate sleep, eating healthy food as well as having enough physical exercises. Although it sounds common to you, you may easily miss these essential “nutrients” given your busy study and activity schedule. Develop a healthy lifestyle is like giving yourself a vaccination so that you can have sufficient energy to cope with the homesickness and new changes.
5. Be curious and open

At the beginning, you may not get used to the customs, habits, and social practices of Hong Kong. To facilitate a better adjustment, having the curiosity to explore, listen and learn will certainly help. Learning Cantonese can be one of the starting point which you can understand about the local culture more easily. You are most welcomed to ask about the local phrases which you don’t understand. Joining interest clubs and making friends with local students can also brighten up your experience in studying abroad. The more you are open to the changes and differences, the more you find joy and peace in your life.